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Badenoch & Clark | Talent Spotlight - Key trends in HR recruitment

Badenoch & Clark | Talent Spotlight - Key trends in HR recruitment
Human Resources
Market data:
Permanent salaries up 1.92% YOY
Permanent vacancies up 1.5% MOM to
HR Director salary up 2.10% YOY to
Contract salaries up 0.05% YOY
Contract vacancies up 2.10% YOY to 292
As confidence spreads across different sectors,
HR are starting to see growth in the number of
vacancies on offer in tandem with a very gradual
rise in salaries.
Public sector interims find opportunities
We are seeing a slight increase in the public sector, with opportunities on the interim side, particularly at HR Advisor level. In part, this has come about as many professionals have left the sector in the hope of moving into the private
Permanent hiring dogged by cautiousness
While permanent hiring is on the up, recruitment processes are still marked by hesitancy. As organisations have become accustomed to coping on limited resources, they are setting the goalposts even higher when making a new hire. Processes are elongated and the requirements can often change.
Confidence spreading through more sectors
Signs that the HR market is picking up can be seen through the increase in sectors that are recruiting more readily. FMCG in particular is very buoyant, alongside Professional Services for both interim and perm, Oil & Gas on the interim side and technology. Financial Services also continues to recruit
Financial services driving the Scottish HR market
The Scottish HR market remains relatively slow, with most activity fuelled by the financial services industry. Vacancies centre around professionals who can demonstrate solid experience in TUPE, change or organizational effectiveness. There also continues to be demand for professionals with bluechip
business partner experience gained in complex global organisations.
South West activity dominated by senior market
In the South West, the senior end of the market continues to show activity with a number of companies appointing new Chief Executives and HR Directors. However, there is a noticeable lack of middle management level positions, and clients are taking more time to fill these positions.
Retention remains a focus
Staff retention is increasingly on the agenda of organisations. This is being demonstrated through the continual rise in training and L&D vacancies, as well as the trend towards recruiting Reward specialists and analysts.
FMCG, Oil & Gas and
Professional Services boost
Focus on retention driving L&D
Senior professionals in
demand in the South West


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