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Brits strike out against the boss

Brits strike out against the boss
Workers give the boss a run for their money during National Bowling Week
While we may all kowtow down to the boss in work, out of work corporate hierarchy flies out of the window, according to a survey conducted on behalf of National Bowling Week (13th- 19th June).  60 per cent of Brits sight themselves as being even more competitive outside of work than in it, with a whopping 87% of those surveyed willing to risk the wrath of the boss in order to try and beat them!
When it comes to work socials, all thoughts of a promotion are put aside with Brits seeing such events as an opportunity to give the boss a damned good thrashing, venting pent up work tensions.
The overwhelming majority of us (88%) believe competition is healthy, and it isnt just the boss that we want to hammer line managers and the colleague we sit next to are the people we Brits most want to beat, gaining a third of the vote each (33%). Nothing like keeping your friends close and your enemies even closer!
Interestingly, the same is true when competing with friends and family partners and love interests top the bill as the people most of us would love to strike out against (34%), though when it comes to our kids, two-thirds (67%) of parents say they are willing to let them win.
Rob Boobyer, Head of Marketing for AMF Bowling and Hollywood Bowl, comments:
Bowling makes for a great work social and it is always really interesting watching the dynamics when people get out of the office and on to the lanes. There is a pretence of it all just being good light hearted fun, but you can see that everyone wants to wipe the floor with the boss. Its quite a kudos thing between colleagues.
During National Bowling Week we are encouraging colleagues, families, groups of friends, daters, everyone to come down, get a bit of healthy competition going and help us raise 50,000 for the British Heart Foundation.
National Bowling Week will be running in all 42 AMF Bowling and Hollywood Bowl Centres nationwide between Monday 13th June 2011 and Sunday 19th June 2011. Centres will be running offers and holding fundraising events, competitions and giveaways and fun games such as Who Wants to be a Pinionaire
To find your nearest centre please see


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