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Default Retirement Age is a good thing say the people

Default Retirement Age is a good thing! say the people
A recent survey by, the online job board, of over 1000 respondents has found that most people think that scrapping the Default Retirement Age is a positive change to businesses. A huge 74% responded saying that it is a good thing most notably because companies do not have to lose valued members of staff when they get to a certain age. This has an obvious knock on effect on others things, for example, not having to recruit and train new staff.

The second survey questioned if it was positive to the individuals rather than companies. Unsurprisingly most people (69%) said it was a positive change to individuals. Why? Quite simply, people can continue to work up until the age they feel is most appropriate to them rather than when the law tells them to.
So, is it good that employers no longer have the right to dismiss staff just because they are 65? Of course! Individuals are different and some people feel they are physically and mentally able until an older age. Employers can still force people to retire if they are not up to the job but at least with the new changes, there is not a blanket rule for everyone. Why should this law be in place anyway, especially since there is no scientific evidence that productivity reduces after 65?


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