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Fury over Tory-led councils plans to export jobs to India

Fury over Tory-led council's plans to export jobs to India
Fury over Tory-led council's plans to export jobs to India
Unite, Britain's biggest union, has expressed fury after learning that the Tory-Led Birmingham City council is the first council planning to export jobs overseas.
The union has demanded that Birmingham halt its plans immediately or face the wrath of the unions and the people of Birmingham. Service Birmingham is the council's joint venture with Capita Business Services. It provides IT and HR support and is planning to offshore 100 roles by the end of 2011.
Employees have already been recruited from India to shadow workers in Birmingham (subject to visas being cleared) with a view to learning how to do the roles and then 'lifting and shifting' them overseas.
This work is paid for by Birmingham city tax payers but there has been no consultation with the public or the unions over such significant plans. Unite fears that this is just the tip of the iceberg and more council jobs in Birmingham and other councils could also eventually go abroad.
Unions will meet with the council on Friday 3 June and will demand the council stops and consults with the unions rather than push ahead with plans that will permanently cut jobs from Birmingham and will be deeply unpopular with voters.
Unite's national officer Peter Allenson said:
"It beggars belief that council workers will be forced to train workers from overseas to do their jobs so Capita and Birmingham council can lift and shift them abroad. This is a major betrayal of the people of Birmingham and the loyal staff who serve this city.
"This is an outrageous decision and Unite will fight tooth and nail to stop this Tory-led council from exporting these valuable jobs overseas. Unite is demanding that Birmingham city council halts its plans. We fear this could be just the tip of the iceberg and other councils could follow suit. Thousands of public sector jobs could go. Once these jobs go they will not come back.
"Indian workers are not to blame, in fact with little or no trade unions to represent them we have genuine concerns about their treatment. The blame lies firmly with private companies prepared to go to any length to cut costs for profit and this Tory-led council which is encouraging them to get away with it."


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