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How many employers know what AWR is?

How many employers know what AWR is?Well, it stands for Agency Workers Regulations and it will affect all employers that utilise temporary staff from the 1st of October 2011 which is only 3 months away. Basically, the AWR means that employers that use temporary staff will, by law, have to ensure that the temporary staff are given equally treatment, including pay, as any permanent members of staff.This includes access to staff facilities such as car parking, canteen arrangements, bonuses plus a range of other benefits. To complicate things further, there are age limits and length of service issues to take into account too all of which, if not managed properly, could result in heavy fines for the employer and the recruitment agency involved, if of course there is one.Phil Harmsworth, a Director at The Work Shop recruitment agency based in Ringwood, thinks many employers in the area have not recognised the importance of these new regulations and are not preparing themselves for what could be a very demanding and time consuming exercise. A lot of work has to be done before these regulations come in to ensure that temporary workers are indeed offered equal treatment otherwise employers could find themselves at Employment Tribunals and we all know how costly that can be said Phil.The Work Shop has been involved in REC (the Recruitment & Employment Confederation which is the recruitment industrys main trade association) seminars looking at what the AWR means and how to get ready for them and Phil is suggesting that all employers that use temporary staff should talk to their provider to make sure they are not exposed in any way. If the supplying agency does not know enough AWR there could be trouble ahead.Phil continued Utilising temporary staff will still be cost effective as things like redundancy payments are not included, but this could be offset by Employment Tribunal costs if an employer is not very careful.


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