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HumanConcepts Launches Transition Manager for UK Market

HumanConcepts Launches Transition Manager for UK Market Proven Enterprise Solution for Managing Reorganisation and Restructuring
Transition Manager applies consistency and compliancy to workforce separations potentially saving organisations thousands in law suits and overpayments and providing qualified ROI.
HumanConcepts, the leading provider of workforce decision support solutions has expanded the launch of Transition Manager to the UK. Workforce transitions put organisations at risk. Whether part of a major restructuring event, or a small reorganisation, workforce change introduces uncertainty, slowdowns in productivity, loss of key employees, separation costs and potential litigation. A solution to manage the processes associated with workforce change can mitigate this risk by reducing errors, enabling informed decisions, providing an audit trail and more.
The unique Transition Manager solution has a proven track record in the US, enabling organisations to manage the end-to-end processes around reorganisation, restructuring, and the resulting workforce separations.  Transition Manager enables HR departments to automate processes in a consistent and compliant way which is difficult to achieve by any other means, particularly when faced with huge spikes in such activity often associated with major restructuring, acquisitions, mergers, or shut downs. 
Transition Manager has demonstrated that it is able to deliver significant ROI and risk reduction throughout the entire restructuring process:
            Full audit trails of decisions, actions and communications support the avoidance of non-compliance and reduction associated litigation which can save millions. 
            Retaining top talent saves replacement costs, often exceeding between one and one and a half times an annual salary. 
            Accelerating the entire reorganisation or restructuring process increases productivity because it enables the business and workforce to return to normal at a faster pace. 
            It yields off-payroll savings e.g. a three week improvement in the process saves approximately 1870 per separated employee.  Reducing payroll processing errors can save 185 per separated employee. 
            Process workflow improvement means that administrative support costs can be halved. 
In summary, Transition Manager enables enterprises to:
            Identify and Retain Key Employees by collaborating with all stakeholders to prevent loss of key skills or employees
o             Provides complete visibility for managing workforce change
o             Facilitates organisational alignment with core business goals
o             Supports retention of high value employees and skill sets
            Mitigate Risk by making decisions in a consistent, transparent and auditable way
o             Ensures compliance issues are addressed before actions are taken
o             Provides full visibility into metrics of future organisation
            Meet Financial Targets by accelerating the departure of leavers and eliminating errors that cause delays
o             Streamlines processes to ensure consistency
o             Accelerates decisions, analysis and actions
Transition Manager has been available from HumanConcepts in the US for several years and is used by many high profile organisations. 
Gillian Daniels, EMEA Director at HumanConcepts, commented, Whether organisations are managing an evolutionary change of five people or transformational change of 5000 layoffs, with Transition Manager each individual case is managed with consistent decision making processes, accurate communications and high quality results. Transition Manager can potentially save organisations many hundreds of thousands of pounds just in the cost savings achieved by speeding up the process and avoiding over payments through payroll.   Transition Manager provides organisations with confidence in avoiding the risk of lawsuits, union and industrial tribunals and compliance fines.


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