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Ian Webb Legal recruitment consultant?

Ian Webb Legal recruitment consultant?

RI has been contacted about an allegedly experienced recruiter called Ian Webb who is in fact a convicted fraudster. Webb operates around the Manchester/Newcastle area and claims on his CV to have had a long and successful career in recruitment. RI has confirmed that this is certainly not the case. If you have had contact with him or he has applied for a position please contact me in confidence.

Ian Webb fraudulently obtained credit cards by intercepting mail and stealing the identities of both a doctor who had formerly lived at his rented riverside home and his own next-door neighbour.

Webb, who already had 22 convictions for fraud and deception, wracked up bills of more than 6,000 by the use of some of the cards, Newcastle Crown Court heard.

He also tried to buy a top-of-the-range 35,000 BMW X4 sports car from a garage, using a bogus cheque to pay the 500 deposit and making further unsuccessful dishonest attempts to pay nearly 20,000 off the balance, the court was told.

Webb, who never actually obtained the car, also posed as Dr Ben Gurney- the previous occupant of his flat - when he visited a cheque centre to cash two cheques he found in the mail belonging to the victim.

And in a separate fraud, he cheated his adoptive parents Anthony and Susan Webb out of more than 40,000 - chiefly by securing a 20,000 loan in their name and a further 19,912 by intercepting a cheque his mother had then written out to make good the loan on his behalf.

Among the items recovered from Webb's flat were a large amount of expensive clothing, a CV in his name which claimed "great qualifications" and evidence he had obtained identification documents from websites to support his bogus loan applications.

There was also material to show he had cashed two other cheques belonging to Dr Gurney and an application form was also found for a 15,000 loan made out in his name but apparently never sent.

Webb, who had even used one of the bogus cards to book a Christmas dinner at Newcastle's Malmaison hotel, admitted 12 offences of theft, deception and evading a liability. He was jailed for four years by Judge Beatrice Bolton, who imposed a consecutive 28-day prison term for absconding by failing to attend an earlier sentencing hearing.

The judge said a psychiatric report, which concluded Webb has a personality disorder, indicated there was an "element of bravado" about his offending and that he also wanted a lifestyle without working.


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