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Almost half of all staff are ready to leave for a better benefits package
New research released today has revealed that 60% of UK employees believe their employer is providing minimal or less than the legal requirement of support in the workplace, with almost half claiming that managers only care about their wellbeing if they have to take sick leave.
The research, conducted by Sovereign Health Care and including feedback from over 2,000 workers from around the UK, revealed that the economic climate has resulted in greater workloads and increased pressure.  In response, 88% of all employees felt organisations should provide more support for personal health and wellbeing with almost half (45%) confirming they would leave their present employer in return for a better benefits package - even if the salary remained the same.
It was widely accepted that organisations have been significantly stretched by the recession and therefore employees dont expect company cars or pay rises. However rather than simply do more work without reward, 72% said they would appreciate added value healthcare benefits with counselling and support with stress (68%), gym membership (67%) and holistic therapy /relaxation (58%) leading the way.
Over half of the population (51%) are more stressed than a year ago, with those that work in the Agricultural industry suffering the most stress (80%), followed by the Telecommunications sector (79%) and Health, Nursing and Social Services (62%). The industries that suffer the least stress were revealed as Electronics (33%), Human Resources (39%) and IT (42%).
 67% of those questioned also highlighted work issues as the main reason for the last time they were unwell, with 50% of workers in Research/Development saying they had become ill from suffering bullying in the workplace. Meanwhile 90% of those that work in Advertising/Marketing said they had become unwell from work related stress, as had 70% of employees in the Retail and Wholesale sector and 57% of workers in Education/Training.
Russ Piper, Chief Executive of Sovereign Health Care, comments: In many UK companies, it appears that while pay has remained frozen, employee workloads have increased. This unrewarded extra work can lead to low morale and employee discontent. It would be prudent for businesses to recognise this and consider cost effective ways to counter this and add value to their own workplace. One way of achieving this is through health related employee benefits.
The message from the research is clear organisations need to review their softer benefits and provide more health and wellbeing support - this will help counteract the increased pressure of the workplace and could result in more productive, higher motivated and happier employees.
Of those surveyed, a startling 85% of managers admitted they do not fully understand the benefits and support they are able to provide staff - a fact that may be contributing to the perception that they dont care. 
Russ continues: Most companies recognise that investing in the provision of health, safety and wellbeing support for their employees is important, but if this support isnt understood or communicated effectively, it is a huge waste of money and could result in them losing their best staff.
The greatest frustration amongst those with responsibility for staff was the inability to fully reward their team and provide increased support where required, followed by the uncertainty of job security (their own and colleagues).
Whilst the UKs 18 month recession officially ended in January 2010, on e in ten respondents feel that the worst is still to come for their businesses.  53% of decision makers in Recruitment identified the uncertainty of the future of the business as their key concern, followed by 50% of senior staff in Electronics and 50% in Advertising/Marketing.
58% of decision makers in the Property/Construction sector are worried about their own job security as well as their employees, as are 50% of managers in both the Electronics and Telecommunications industries.
Meanwhile 53% of senior managers that work in Recruitment said their greatest frustration of the recession was both their own and colleagues increase in workload without reward, followed by 51% of senior staff in the legal industry and 47% of those in the Health, Nursing and Social Services sector.
The survey was conducted as part of Sovereign Health Cares Duty of Health Care research to identify employee perceptions of the well-being support they receive from employers.


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