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ManpowerGroup Announces Extensive Rollout of Workforce Solutions

ManpowerGroup Announces Extensive Rollout of Workforce Solutions Across China's Manufacturing Frontier ManpowerGroup Strategy in China Positions Global Innovative Workforce Solutions Provider as the Dominant Leader With Expansion into New Booming Inland Hubs, as Manufacturing Output Surges in 2011
ManpowerGroup, (NYSE: MAN), the world leader in innovative workforce solutions, has introduced and is executing an extensive strategy for developing and aligning China's manufacturing workforce as the country modernizes its industrial sector and expands operations into new inland hubs. When combined with the company's established leadership in China, this strategy solidifies ManpowerGroup's position as the country's only provider of a full suite of innovative workforce solutions ranging from executive search and recruitment process outsourcing, to large volume recruitment and temporary staffing.
"China is facing some of the most significant change and challenges yet seen in 30 years," said Darryl Green, ManpowerGroup President of Asia Pacific and Middle East.  "The skill shortages, aging population, high-rising labor demands and increasing labor costs are just a few. With these issues in mind, ManpowerGroup has shaped its business in a way that can help our client address those issues through our solid local service network and expertise."
A new milestone in its 17-year legacy in China, ManpowerGroup was recently awarded a partnership with China's Ministry of Industry & Information Technology (MIIT) that will help develop a talent exchange center, enabling ManpowerGroup's local partners to create and implement comprehensive workforce solutions that align with China's manufacturing growth projections and the business strategies of individual manufacturers. Manufacturers continue to be a key driver of China's economic growth, as an estimated $1.8 trillion in total industrial output is projected for 2011.  
ManpowerGroup's overall China strategy is designed to enable the workforce component of China's five-year-plan for strengthening its manufacturing sector, including its massive infrastructure buildout and the modernization of equipment used in operations. Today, China faces a shortage of workers trained with the right technical skills, rising labor costs and a significant repositioning of the sector as more manufacturers move their operations inland from coastal cities and must hire workers in new markets.
"As the western region becomes one of China's greatest strengths over the next 20 years, we have been consistently expanding our solutions in China to meet its surging demand for skilled workers who can effectively perform in a burgeoning and dramatically transformed sector," said Jeffrey A. Joerres, ManpowerGroup Chairman, CEO and President. "Identifying the right talent with the right technical skills in the right market is among our core strengths. It's a privilege to be honored with the MIIT partnership."
"The infrastructure buildout that will enable this great expansion to inland China has been one of the most massive yet efficiently constructed engineering projects in human history as it encompasses the development of the Three River Gorges Dam for sourcing electricity and a shipping system with highways and rail links," Green adds.  "We are all privileged to witness both this shift in China's manufacturing base to newly accessible areas and the fast-growing high-tech industry on China's coast.
ManpowerGroup has worked closely with the government to understand its growth strategies as we supplement them with workforce solutions.  We have also invested in partnerships that will assist our clients adapt to China's dynamic and rapid change."
ManpowerGroup is building on its established leadership position in China as the largest workforce solution provider in the country with a presence across 35 major cities and with growing solutions and services provided in more than 100 cities through a network of alliances and partners. In addition, ManpowerGroup works closely with all levels of Chinese government to support policy changes affecting local manufacturers and their workers.  Today, ManpowerGroup China's management team is comprised of local experts who are well-connected to market opportunities, skilled talent and the government and privately-owned companies.
"ManpowerGroup China can accelerate its China strategy in tandem with China's Five Year Plan only with carefully developed partnerships, during this systemic season of change in China," said Danny Yuan, Managing Director of ManpowerGroup China.


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