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ManpowerGroup Expands Solutions Presence Across South China by Acquiring REACH HR

ManpowerGroup Expands Solutions Presence Across South China by Acquiring REACH HR New Base in Guangdong Province Is Integrated Workforce Solutions Platform for Guangzhou and Shenzhen Businesses
BEIJING, June 14, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- ManpowerGroup, (NYSE: MAN), the world leader in innovative workforce solutions, continues to expand its solutions package across China's booming inland region through the recent majority stake acquisition of REACH HR, a human resources provider in Guangdong Province and employer of more than 100,000 associates.  This additional acquisition fortifies ManpowerGroup's comprehensive effort to develop China's manufacturing workforce and align workers with new opportunities, as the country modernizes this sector, by repositioning it across new inland hubs and building out a shipping infrastructure, in preparation for a growth spike.  
With this strategic anchor in Southern China, a long-time manufacturing base and home to the biannual China's largest trade event the Canton Fair, ManpowerGroup has solidified a foothold in the economic centers of Guangzhou and Shenzhen, which neighbor Hong Kong's extensive shipping operation.  
REACH HR specializes in manufacturing human resources, and currently serves Guangdong's electrical appliance and logistical businesses.
"By expanding ManpowerGroup's presence across China's new and traditional manufacturing hubs, we will be able to provide critical development and recruitment solutions that address a range of issues affecting China's overall growth prospects in the manufacturing sector," said Darryl Green, ManpowerGroup President of Asia Pacific and Middle East. "As China faces some of the most significant change and challenges seen in decades, ManpowerGroup's own 17-year legacy in the country is quickly evolving into a nationwide provider of a full suite of innovative workforce solutions from executive search and recruitment process outsourcing, to large volume recruitment and temporary staffing."  
ManpowerGroup has also become the talent recruitment and development leader along China's manufacturing frontier, west of its traditional manufacturing hubs along the coast. ManpowerGroup also recently secured access to millions of workers in Central China by acquiring Xi'an Fesco and by partnering with the City of Kaifeng in Henan Province.
ManpowerGroup was recently awarded a partnership with China's Ministry of Industry & Information Technology (MIIT) that will help develop a talent exchange center, enabling ManpowerGroup's local partners to create and implement comprehensive workforce solutions that align with China's manufacturing growth projections and the business strategies of individual manufacturers. Manufacturers continue to be a key driver of China's economic growth, as an estimated $1.8 trillion in total industrial output is projected for 2011.  
 ManpowerGroup is building on its established leadership position in China as the largest workforce solutions provider in the country with a presence across 35 major cities and with growing solutions and services provided in more than 100 cities through a network of alliances and partners. In 2007, ManpowerGroup became the first foreign multinational corporation to obtain a temporary staffing business license in China. In addition, ManpowerGroup works closely with all levels of Chinese government to support policy changes affecting local manufacturers and their workers.  Today, ManpowerGroup China's management team is comprised of local experts who are well-connected to market opportunities, skilled talent and the government and privately-owned companies. ManpowerGroup is now also positioned as China's only provider of a full suite of innovative workforce solutions, ranging from executive search and recruitment process outsourcing to large volume recruitment and temporary staffing.


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