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R21Medias Top 20 Job Boards by Facebook

R21Medias Top 20 Job Boards by Facebook

Following our recent Top 20 Job Boards by Twitter ranking we have now turned our attention to the undisputed heavyweight champion of social media Facebook.

It is a well documented fact that, with over 500million users, if Facebook were a country it would rank as the third largest. This is a staggering fact, but does show how big the network has become, a network that can be used for business as well as pleasure.

Being a Facebook user provides individuals with a great place to catch up with old friends, display and store photos and videos and create events. It also allows for networking within friendship circles. Jobs advertised in Facebook friends statuses are becoming more and more common and some are beginning to see it as a more casual version of LinkedIn (we all love a referral bonus).

Its not just individuals that are using Facebook as a recruitment tool, but also the recruiters themselves. With the ability to search and apply for jobs, register new candidates and provide news and insights, a Facebook page can be seen and used as a second website.

To get an idea of how well the recruitment industry have grasped and implemented this idea we chose twenty of the biggest job boards to create a Top 20 Facebook ranking, the results of which can be seen below. The results are based on a number of measurements including the amount of fans page content and an independent Facebook page analysers findings.

Monster (Score 1674)

Topping our ranking is Monster. Their page is done very well with loads of links to industry news, job hunting tips and interview advice. With the ability to search for jobs from their page, it is a prime example of Facebook being used to engage with candidates. This should be treated as a how to on using Facebook as a recruitment tool and it well worth a look for any recruitment agency looking to implement a similar strategy. The only comment I would make is that the page is named Monster UK, which means if you search solely for Monster or Monster Jobs you wont find it...

Simply Hired (Score 1224)
The Simply Hired fan page may not be specific to the UK (its their global page), but it is done well. Arriving on their landing page you are able to begin a job search immediately (although the results are initially for the US this is easy to change). Their wall provides links to their blogs and they openly encourage interaction with their candidates, for example, they have a Question of the day. A separate identical page for the UK would be the icing on the cake.

Reed (Score 748)
Reeds Facebook presence is well done. Their wall displays links to news stories of interest and they have an in-built app that allows candidates to begin a job search through the page (they are then taken to an external Reed site to review the results). The only problem I found when trying out their page was that their Office Locator app wasnt working which was a bit of a shame.
Jobsite (Score 672)
Jobsite use their Facebook solely as an avenue to share news and blogs, rather than advertise jobs.
Gumtree (Score 340)

I feel that perhaps this score is a little unfair on other job boards. With a Facebook fanpage attracting 27,638 fans it may seem impressive. However, jobs are not the only thing advertised here, the page also exists for the buying and selling of goods and services and people looking to rent and let properties.

6 CV Library (Score 300)
In joint sixth, CV Library has done a pretty good job with their Facebook fan page. Their wall displays links to external news stories and they have tried to engage with their fans by running Polls. More frequent updates could be of benefit to them.

6 Jobsearch (Score 300)
Select jobs are advertised on their wall. I would assume that they follow a 24 hour response policy from the candidate interaction that can be seen. I also really like their landing page.

CareerStructure (Score 51)
CareerStructure seem to have taken a slightly blas approach to Facebook, with all their content coming straight from an existing RSS Feed, rather than specifically created content for their Facebook users. This might be why they only have 5 Facebook fans....

Workthing (Score 39)
With two Facebook fan pages Workthing and Workthingplus, they have at least given the social media leader a shot. Disappointingly though, neither of these pages have a lot to say for themselves.


TotalJobs have not been given a score as our results are based on Facebook Fan Pages only which they do not have. But, they have been placed at seventh as they have tried harder than some by creating an open group.

It seems that Indeed are much more inclined to engage with their candidates through Twitter than they are through Facebook. Their only presence here is through their Facebook apps. They have three of them Indeed, Indeed Jobs & Friends (see if there are jobs going at your friends workplaces) and Jobs by Indeed, with a combined total of 24,615 users.
Following Indeed, also has a Facebook app, although this is not as successful with only 22 monthly users.

All The Top Bananas

This Facebook page has not been updated since 2010

Jobserve tried with Facebook but gave up back in 2009.
14 19. Fish4, JobCentre, Careerbuilder, Guardian Jobs, TopJobs,

Daily Mail Jobs

Jobsearch, TopJobs and Daily Mail Jobs appear to be consistent in their reluctance to use any form of social media, with no Twitter or Facebook activity, their online presence is drastically reduced in comparison to their competitors.

It is surprising to see that Guardian Jobs, who have a very well executed Twitter strategy have not followed this through to Facebook.


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