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R21Medias Top 20 Job Boards by Twitter Ranking

R21Medias Top 20 Job Boards by Twitter Ranking
Twitter has lately shown itself to be a true social media superpower, its involvement within the middle east uprising and the UK super-injunction fiasco has shown how information can be shared, picked up and re-used by the masses before you can even say gagging order. As good as Twitter has proved itself to be at tackling various forms of oppression, it does have other uses. For the recruitment industry, when used properly to its full potential Twitter can prove to be an extension to existing websites, jobs feed, customer services and marketing departments.
To see how well the recruitment sector has adopted the power of Twitter we chose twenty of the top Job Boards to create a Top 20 Twitter Ranking, the findings of which can be found below. The results are based on a number of measurements including the amount of followers the content of their feeds and an independent Twitter analysers findings.
1. Indeed (Score 2500)
The company that tops our charts is Indeed. With their Twitter account @indeed attracting 16,644 followers globally they tweet not only jobs, but also interesting industry news from around the globe.
2. Guardian Jobs (Score 2350)
Just missing out on the top spot is Guardian Jobs. They are a prime example of Twitter done well. All 17 of their feeds are branded and are easily recognisable as belonging to Guardian Jobs. They have one dedicated feed for industry news, tips and information which they will reply to, all the others are dedicated job feeds, but, unlike similar set ups, the profile description informs followers that to get a reply to any of their questions they need to contact @guardianjobs
3. Monster (Score 2025)
In third place, Monsters set up is very similar to Guardian Jobs, but they should perhaps be looking to their competitor for an example of best practice. They have their main news and info twitter profile @monsterUK, but even though the profile says Advice from career experts to help you secure the right job.... their tweets are protected, which is off putting and could make them seem inaccessible to their potential candidates. Their job board feeds do not offer any type of guidance or information or where to go to get answers to any questions a candidate may have.
4. All The Top Bananas (Score 1900)
5. Reed (Score 1775)
Reed has tried to maximise the capabilities of Twitter and have many accounts which are used heavily as an extra avenue for the relevant job board. They then have four accounts which are used occasionally and two which are no longer active.
6. Workthing (Score 1629)
Workthing have one account @workthing used solely as an extension to their existing job board and @workthingplus used intermittently to give industry news and advice.
7. CV Library. (Score 1530)
8. Jobsite. (Score 1420)
Having only one feed @jobsiteUK have kept their social media strategy simple. Their feed is full of replies and discussions, and they name and show photos of their Tweeters, its refreshing to see the people behind the feed and avoids becoming another faceless automatically updated feed.
9. TotalJobs (Score 1222)
With only one feed @totaljobsUK which is updated a few times a week with industry news they are taking a seemingly cautious approach to their social media strategy theyve dipped their toe in, but dont seem to quite be willing to grab the bull by the horns.
10 Jobserve (Score 1209)
10 CareerStructure(Score 1209) release daily newsletters which mention other Tweeters which leads to a more rounded view of the latest news.
11. SimplyhiredUK (Score 1196)
12. Jobcentre (Score 650)
With 18 active feeds, Jobcentre lack branding and naming consistency, hashtags could also be used more effectively.
13. Fish4 (Score 611)
With only 520 followers across 12 Fish4 job feeds (11 of which are less than a year old), they seem to be tweeting rather excessively with a combined total of 109,361 tweets.
14. Gumtree
Although Gumtree gave Twitter a shot with their feed @gumjobslondon, this is no longer active.
15 -19. Jobsearch,, TopJobs, Daily Mail Jobs, and CareerBuilder
It would be interesting to know why a quarter of the job boards included in this ranking have no Twitter presence. Potential arguments could include a lack of knowledge, no trust in the mediums ability to fulfil business objectives, or they may have heard some of the horror stories that have been reported on of companies falling into common trappings that can come when a social media strategy is not correctly implemented and maintained.


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