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Rise in redundant securing digital sector jobs

Rise in redundant securing digital sector jobs reports rapid rise in the number of people made redundant securing work as consultants in the digital Europes biggest online business marketplace today reported a 44% increase in redundant workers securing work in the digital sector in May, compared with May last year.Overall, the company has seen a 47% increase in digital consultants securing work in last 12 months, with 55% gaining employment in the last three months alone.More than 30% of these new jobs were created in IT and Web programming, with 50% of these in Web Design and Programming. More than 17% were created in design, with more than half of these in graphic design. A further 11% were created in Copywriting and Editing, with 10% secured in Marketing and SEO.The figures come a day after the Office for National Statistics (ONS) released the latest Labour Market Statistics, which showed that unemployment is failing at its fastest rate in a decade.According to founder and CEO Xenios Thrasyvoulou these latest figures show that the digital sector is boosting employment in the UK.Our figures show that its the digital sector that is playing a big role in bringing down the employment rates in the UK today, says Thrasyvoulou. The last three months have seen the largest drop in unemployment in the UK since the summer of 2000. Our figures reveal that the digital sector, the engine room of the UK economy, is not only boosting growth at this critical time of recovery, but also securing unprecedented levels of work.It is not surprising that those made redundant in the recession are learning new digital skills to take advantage of the rise in jobs in the digital sector.Whats more, the rise in full-time freelance digital consultants also shows that the British workforce is becoming ever more flexible and innovative in the ways it is prepared to work. Many digital consultants now work for a number of companies, rather than just one employer. This results in a large variety of work, a wider skills base and greater job security overall, said Thrasyvoulou.


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