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Two hundred jobs to be created as E-PPL and Autoscan join forces

Two hundred jobs to be created as E-PPL and Autoscan join forces

It was announced today (June 24) that two key companies have aligned in a move set to revolutionise the provision of skilled staff and project management to the automotive industry. As a result of the deal, an additional 250 jobs will be created over the next two years.

E-PPL, a leading provider of highly-skilled staff, primarily to car manufacturers and their suppliers, and Autoscan, the industrys leading provider of product inspection, validation and quality services, have joined forces to offer a wider range of skills and experience than has ever been available before from any other single source.

The two companies both based in the Midlands but covering the UK - will continue to run as separate businesses, servicing their customers as they know best, and the new ownership has not meant any redundancies, restructuring or any disruption to existing clients. Indeed, alongside the current recruitment programme, the companies have already allocated investment of around 250 million for further training and development of the staff of both companies.

Paul Simmerson, CEO and Owner of E-PPL and Autoscan, said: By strategically aligning the companies with the two brands, one business mindset, we can offer a much wider range of support to the current customers. OEM vehicle manufacturers and their supply chains have never been able to find so many solutions under one roof before.

Ive spent many years working on both sides of the fence and I know that when additional support is required, you need to be able to trust that you are dealing with people who know the business intimately and have the infrastructure to be able to be there the following morning, sleeves rolled up and ready to get on with it.

E-PPL is well known for crisis management such as safety critical gate-holds, vehicle reworks and skills shortage support during times of extraordinary manpower needs such as new model launches. The E-PPL team are at their best when there are several hundred vehicles to attend to providing rapid response, sorting the job quickly and efficiently, then packing up their tools and leaving.

However, there is a great deal of synergy between E-PPLs service range and those of the companies who provide the residential inspection and quality support, which is needed every day. This is why a long-term alliance was essential, with our customers best interests in mind.

Having dealt with every company in this sector, I was aware that Autoscan had a well-earned reputation as being the best. As I have been a customer of theirs, I have firsthand experience of what a good job they do and the quality and experience of Autoscans people always enabled them to get the job done quicker than expected and therefore saved me money on the overall bill.

Having spent the last few weeks visiting customer sites and Autoscans operations across the UK, it is easy to see why Autoscan are the company of choice for the majority of vehicle manufacturers here in the UK - their philosophy links very nicely with that of E-PPL. We have the best people and can therefore save our clients money by being the quickest and most effective. With both companies under the same ownership , we can now share processes, systems and our people in a way that no collaboration ever could.


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