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AWR Latest HR seminar shines light on client approach

AWR Latest – HR seminar shines light on client approach

This week’s JSB seminar on Agency Work provided the latest insight into how leading employers are gearing up for AWR implementation. The REC took part in the closing panel which was a great opportunity to champion the crucial role that agency work will continue to play within UK businesses.

Some larger employers have established specific project teams to prepare. These typically involve all parts of an organisation including finance, legal, payroll, HR services, employee relations, reward and procurement. Some clients are even involving internal marketing teams to help get messages out to line managers. Internal awareness raining activities include workshops, intranet sites and cost implication calculators.

One practical challenge for many clients is the proliferation of different job titles which has made it hard to establish the right comparisons and predict any impact on salary costs.  A positive message was that temporary work is now firmly embedded within employer resourcing models. Core reasons for using agency staff are flexibility and speed of supply. The AWR will not affect this. Where organisations – including some in the public sector - are undergoing a period of change there is likely to be more need for flexible staffing rather than less.

Commenting on the latest feedback, Tom Hadley, the REC’s Director of Policy and Professional Services says:

“The overall approach was encouraging. The AWR has been a catalyst for businesses to review current resourcing models and most recognise the ongoing need for flexible staffing. A number of practical issues were raised by client organisations, but a recurring theme from this week’s event was the need to work closely with recruitment partners. This is a positive message that we will continue to promote in all our discussions with employers.”

The REC was speaking at the JSB seminar entitled “Agency Workers: Law and HR Best Practice”.


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