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Business development for recruiters just got easier

Business development for recruiters just got easier

New functionality brought to pioneering vacancy lead generation system

A host of new features have been added to the latest version of, the easy-to-use vacancy lead generation system for the global recruitment market., developed by co-founders Bradley Placks and Mark Lennard, assists and enhances the way recruiters develop new business opportunities and find new vacancy leads. The latest version, launched this week, brings with it a host of new features designed to make the recruiters job that bit easier when it comes to identifying new jobs on the market.

A key new feature is Data, giving the user access to a database of over half a million company websites and enabling recruiters to access and identify new jobs from companies and organisations they may not have in their recruitment databases.

Mark Lennard, Executive Director,, stated: “Our original solution ensured that recruiters could identify new job vacancies from the data within their existing database. This meant that they were able to quickly match candidates to jobs, speeding up the recruitment process as well as developing new business leads. Data takes this to the next level as recruiters are now able to identify job vacancies from hundreds of thousands of websites, by spreading the net a lot wider and capturing new business opportunities from companies they have never dealt with.”

The application uses artificial intelligence and dynamic search technology to provide busy recruiters with the quickest and simplest mechanism for tracking new job vacancies as and when they are advertised on company websites.  Instead of having to trawl through websites on a daily basis, automates the process by highlighting new job vacancies which recruiters can then match their candidates to.

Bradley Placks, Managing Director, said: “We designed to offer recruiters a viable solution that will not only save them time, but deliver the leads they are regularly striving to find, be that from their existing recruitment databases, or now with this added feature of Data from over half a million new company sources.”

Other major enhancements include geographical searching and Board, both which offer recruiters even greater control over their search. With geographical searching, recruiters can target positions that will suit their candidate’s job location requirements, using criteria including postcode and specifying a catchment area to a candidate’s home. Board automatically searches job boards, enabling recruiters to find vacancies listed directly by employers as opposed to jobs listed by other recruitment companies. Coupled with Data, Board effectively introduces recruiters to new websites not already in the database or on their radar. monitors each and every uploaded site for new vacancies in real-time.  For recruiters having to manage a large number of clients, this not only simplifies the entire business development process, but frees up time cold calling.  

Mark Lennard continued: “We’ve worked with the best possible technical team to add a number of feature rich applications to, creating a ground-breaking solution for the recruitment sector. When we launched we were convinced that we had developed a tool that sits on the client side of the fence that was set to be of great benefit to the industry. I am convinced that the new features we have developed offers the recruiter a solution to quickly find vacancies that are not only displayed on their own client’s websites but beyond.” is available to recruiters on a subscription basis.

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