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FDM Group takes part in City University Work Shadowing Scheme

FDM Group takes part in City University Work Shadowing Scheme The UKs largest IT graduate employer, FDM Group, has collaborated with City University to offer students the chance to benefit from one-day work shadowing opportunities.  The programme is available to final, penultimate year and Masters students and has been created to provide participants with a clearer picture of the industry or profession of their choice.  As the UKs largest IT graduate employer, FDM is delighted to be taking part in this commendable scheme and is offering work-shadowing days in the departments of Project Management, Learning and Development and Java /.Net Development.  FDMs Academy Events Manager Madeleine Field said, The City University scheme is especially apt for us as students often dont realise just how vital IT is to the business world and how the nature of IT roles has developed. IT Consultants are now required to work at the forefront of business, interacting with a variety of different people in a range of departments.  Through this latest initiative we aim to promote the IT industry and encourage students to pursue a career in the field.  Students who are lucky enough to benefit from the University scheme will also gain a better understanding of the career paths available to them and should be left with a more realistic picture of the job market.  This is another issue close to FDMs heart and a key reason for its involvement in the work shadowing scheme.  FDM is committed to bridging the gap between academia and employment for graduates and is utilising this latest opportunity to alert students to the fact that IT graduate employers such as FDM can offer a route into the industry.  The company has already received rewarding feedback from participants. City University Student Omar Iqbal said, I would like to thank FDM for allowing me to benefit from a work shadowing day in Project Management. I found the tour of the facility and the career related information the team shared to be extremely valuable. Being able to talk to members of the PMO stream gave me a great insight into how the academy functions and caters to the needs of the growing demand for skilled professionals in the industry. I will certainly be applying to the programme in the future.  City University was also thrilled with FDMs contribution to the scheme. The establishments Careers Director, Gary Argent, said, We are delighted that FDM Group agreed to participate in City Universitys inaugural work shadowing scheme in 2011.  Our students really value the opportunity to get hands on experience of life in the commercial environment, and the chance to spend a day in FDMs office will have helped them to make more informed choices about their future career aspirations.  We look forward to continuing our relationship with FDM Group in the future.  FDM hopes that this latest initiative will prove effective in encouraging students to consider a career in IT and will serve to enlighten them about the opportunities available within the industry.  For more information on the FDM Academy programme please visit the website:


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