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Governments Red Tape Challenge must lighten load for recruiters, says REC

Government’s & lsquo;Red Tape Challenge’ must lighten load for recruiters, says REC

The Government has published some initial findings from its 'Red Tape Challenge'. Although today’s announcement focuses on the retail sector, it confirms a broader campaign to cut unnecessary bureaucracy and boost job creation across all sectors. The aim is to use this to deliver tangible wins for the recruitment industry.

The Government's commitment to this agenda was underlined during the speech by Edward Davey, the Employment Relations Minister, at this week's launch of the REC's updated AWR Toolkit. The REC fed into the initial red-tape review and will be calling for further follow-up actions based on the ongoing feedback from members.

Commenting on the aims of the & lsquo;Red-Tape Challenge’, Tom Hadley, the REC's Director of Policy and Professional Services says:

"We need to remove lingering barriers to growth - yesterday's GDP figures only increased the urgency. Today's announcement is limited in its scope but is only the start.  We will continue to make the case for measures that would lighted the load for recruiters. For example, a fundamental review of the Conduct Regulations should be considered.

“Looking ahead, the main concern is how the AWR will play out and the potential administrative overload for agencies. As with any EU regulations, the Government’s wriggle room is limited. However, it will be crucial to review the practical impact once the regulations are in force and to make appropriate changes wherever possible. The other priority is to ensure that we are not faced with any further & lsquo;offerings’ from Brussels in terms of future AWR type regulations. 

“The Employment Relations Minister provided welcomed assurances on both of these points during his speech at the REC earlier this week and we will continue to work constructively with Government on the whole red tape agenda.”


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