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Growing Complexity in IT Careers Places New Demands on Employers

Growing Complexity in IT Careers Places New Demands on Employers
In June of 2011, Elan commissioned a survey of over 500 UK IT professionals to explore how complexity was increasing in the workplace.
Geoff Smith, MD Elan Solutions, comments, Weve had plenty of anecdotal evidence to suggest that IT employment has been growing more complex for some time now both from the demand from our clients and some of the new skills and practices appearing on CVs but we wanted to gain a more scientific view of the current market.
The research clearly supports the notion that the IT workplace is becoming increasingly complex. From rapid technological change to the ever-intricate legalities of working and managing within the sector, the daily lives of IT professionals everywhere are being affected.
This puts the people who hire and manage IT workers under growing pressure. The success with which this complexity is managed can determine whether the most highly skilled employees are retained or lost in what is increasingly a shortage area.
While the problem of workplace complexity isnt new, it has ramped up in recent years.  78% of the IT workers in the poll agree that IT employment requires a more sophisticated skill-set now than it did 10 years ago, with the same percentage agreeing that IT workers must retrain frequently, just to keep up.  The result is the sense (shared by 58%) that working in IT is getting more and more complicated 42% even believe that working arrangements are evolving more rapidly than technology itself!
Clearly, the drive to know and do more is being felt in the workplace - 61% agree that IT workers are often required to have knowledge about workplace regulations and laws that they can't easily acquire within their own role or training.
Geoff Smith concludes: Employees feel under pressure from the fast pace of change at work. Those employers who make it clear, both during the hiring process and afterwards, that they provide resources to help their IT workers manage todays workplace, will have a definite edge in hiring and maintaining a motivated workforce.


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