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Index Shows Positive Salary Trend For Information Security Sector

Index Shows Positive Salary Trend For Information Security Sector

Acumin’s Salary Index also shows that no section of the market has seen a pay reduction for the first time since the recession began 

Acumin Consulting has today announced the results of its Salary Index based on registered jobs and actual placements with the information security recruitment specialists over the past three months.  The Index shows that many Information Security professionals are experiencing an increase in their starting salaries and for the first time since the recession began, there have been no reductions in salary levels for new recruits.

Consultancy salaries are recovering well, with strong technical skills still particularly in demand. The most significant increase however came for new graduates, who had seen a salary decrease earlier in the year. These graduates were earning between &pound28,000 and &pound35,000 as a starting salary in Q1, but their starting salaries have since increased to between &pound30,000 and &pound35,000.

Chris Batten, managing director, Acumin Consulting, said of the shift: “This is a very striking change.  Consultancy organisations are suddenly prepared to invest in training new people. In fact, in one case, we saw a consultancy offer free training to someone before taking them on, just to see how they performed.”

“This upward trend can be seen right across salaries from consultancies, end users and vendors. It is further evidence that the Information Security sector is fast becoming a priority for many businesses, resulting in a much more rapid recovery from the recession than we’ve seen in other sectors,” continued Batten.

Salaries for government-focused CLAS consultants have now stabilised, following a drop earlier in the year.  This stabilisation may reflect the recent government pledge to spend &pound1bn on cyber security over the next three years.  Lower level security staff at end-user organisations have also seen little change in their starting salaries, but technically skilled, higher level end-user professionals such as security architects have seen a definite revival in their salaries, to the extent that their pay is now comparable with that offered by the consultancies.

“Medium-sized companies are buying in skills at the moment, and good security architects are in massive demand,” Batten said.

Sales people have fared well throughout this turbulent economic period, with starting salaries from software vendors continuing to increase for those selling to the channel, while direct sales people are also beginning to see their salaries increase after a period of stability. 

“A lot of the vendors have treated their channel partners badly in the past. But now the channel is starting to get a lot of attention once again,” concluded Batten.

Acumin Consulting, a specialist recruitment firm for the Information Risk Management sector, analysed roles within consultancy, end-user and service provider functions in the UK. 


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