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IT & Telecom salaries boost as firms return to hiring

IT & Telecom salaries boost as firms return to hiring

IT & Telecom salaries increased by 7.5% in 2011 to &pound46,000

56% of professionals were paid an average bonus of 19% this year

Total IT & Telecom bonus payout in 2011 was &pound9.4bn

IT & Telecoms salaries rose by 7.5% in 2011, with an average bonus payment of 19%, according to new research from IT & Telecoms recruiter Greythorn.

Salaries in 2011 have risen by 7.5% from &pound42,800 last year to more than &pound46,000. For the 56% of professionals who receive them, bonuses have reached 19%, equivalent to an average of &pound8,740. Average total remuneration for this group is just under &pound54,800.

The average bonus of 19% was received by 1.08 million IT & Telecom professionals this year, meaning the total payout was in excess of &pound9.4bn across the sector.

Paul Winchester, managing director of Greythorn said: “2011 has so far been a good year for IT & Telecom professionals, as many companies have had to increase headcount in their technological departments as the recovery continues. Technology services were among the hardest hit during the recession, but, companies are now realising that unless these departments are properly staffed, they face expensive efficiency deficits which hold back growth. This increase in salary shows the best people are now in high demand as companies are fighting to get their technology up to scratch.”

The length of the average working week did not significantly increase, with average working hours rising by only 0.3% to 36.9 hours per week. However, when the increase in salaries is factored in, hourly salaries increased 6.7% this year from &pound22.60 per hour to &pound24.10.

Paul Winchester comments: “It’s not often employers give increases in salaries without extracting more work from their employees. The fact that this value is currently increasing by nearly 7% per year shows experienced and talented professionals are currently in short supply and employers are having to fork out more to make sure they get the right people.”

Nevertheless, 33% of permanently employed IT & Telecom professionals still believe their employers will reduce headcount in the next 12 months, while 41% expect numbers to increase in that period.

Paul Winchester concludes: “When you look at what’s happening to salaries, it’s clear employers are having to pay a premium to get the right people, so it’s surprising that a third of professionals still feel pessimistic about the future. While the overall picture shows an increase in salaries, it appears there are many employers creating a very different sense about the future. Professionals worried about their prospects in the coming year should remember that the market for talented people is booming. If you aren’t feeling confident about the future of you

current role, it might pay big dividends to consider your options elsewhere.”

& lsquo;All the signs are good for a positive shift in recruitment growth over the next 12 months, so we’ve decided to implement a scheme to help companies plan for the future and provide expert consultation in their recruitment needs.  Having one process accounted for in a company’s growth will be a great relief for many companies who will be trying to ensure all aspects of their business are ready for the potential development they may see’ says Darren Hassall, London based Director of Ellingham Darcy Recruitment.

Launched with the vision of assisting organisations recruit the most talented people into a variety of roles, Ellingham Darcy’s consultative approach means they supply a quality service to all companies irrespective of size.

With a strong focus on building trusted business relationships  and a reputation for adding value to their clients, Ellingham Darcy do not recycle old databases full of past candidates.   They do not operate on a mass numbers of scale.  For every campaign they devise a strategic plan to assist their client’s recruitment drive using on and offline strategies. 


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