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Minister Edward Davey attends launch of RECs Agency Workers Regulations toolkit

Minister Edward Davey attends launch of REC’s Agency Workers Regulations toolkit

The launch of “Your AWR Advisor Toolkit” at the Recruitment and Employment Confederation’s office in London today is being attended by Edward Davey MP, Minister for Employment Relations, as well as recruiters from all sectors of the UK economy.

The REC’s toolkit is designed to help recruiters and their clients to be fully prepared for the Agency Workers Regulations, which come into effect on October 1 this year.

It has been developed as the final phase of the REC’s intensive AWR campaign to prepare the recruitment industry for the legal and practical challenges the new Regulations will present.

This follows years of lobbying on the original EU Directive in Brussels, the launch of the REC’s Agency Work Commission in 2008 and the launch of the & lsquo;Your AWR Advisor’ support package in February this year.

The toolkit’s creation comes as a direct result of the REC’s National AWR Summit in May, during which 76 per cent of all recruiters present said they were aware of the big issues surrounding the Regulations, but felt they needed more information and support to prepare.

The aim of the free AWR Toolkit is to help REC members assess their current level of knowledge and to enable them to access all the support materials they could possibly need. These include an updated suite of model contracts which will be available from this Friday (July 29), legal briefings, AWR presentations, training workshops, webinars and an impact assessment checklist.  

Further resources that will soon be available include a briefing for workers, updated factsheets incorporating the latest guidance from the Department for Business Industry and Skills (BIS) and a new series of webinars tailored to the needs of different sectors.

Commenting on the launch, Kevin Green, the REC’s Chief Executive, said: “The toolkit is based on the feedback from members whom we asked what they wanted at sector group meetings, regional events, policy committees and AWR training workshops. The toolkit is the answer.”

Kevin Green added: “The AWR has already shown that agencies that are up to speed and able to guide their clients through the necessary changes have a competitive advantage.”

Commenting on the implementation of the Agency Workers Regulations, Edward Davey said: "These Regulations were agreed by the last Government and put on the statute book back in 2010. We did look at amending these but were forced to conclude we could not do so without risking the 12 week qualifying period agreement that was reached between the CBI and TUC. Our focus since then has been in helping all parties to understand the changes that are on the way, and ensuring that employment agencies are clear about their new obligations.

"The recruitment industry remains a vital component of our fully flexible labour market in the UK. The toolkit that REC has produced, along with our own guidance on the Regulations, have gone a long way in helping the industry prepare for October 1 and I fully support the efforts made by the REC in making these changes as smooth as possible." 

To access Your AWR Advisor Toolkit, go to:


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