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TalentSoft, a leading provider of integrated SaaS talent-management solutions

TalentSoft, a leading provider of integrated SaaS talent-management solutions, has made an alliance with Microsoft to deploy TalentSoft's solutions worldwide, using Microsoft's Cloud offering the Windows Azure platform. TalentSoft thus becomes the first talent-management solution to be optimised for Microsoft's Cloud.A historic partnership between TalentSoft and Microsoft lies behind the choice of Windows Azure.TalentSoft natively supports all talent-management processes in SaaS mode. The model provides superior responsiveness and permanent access to the latest version of the solution, free of any administration, upgrade or update costs. It was only natural that TalentSoft should turn to Microsoft's Cloud Computing strategy.Both players have been partners for many years, associating in various shared campaigns such as the Software Publishers' Economic Development Initiative. What is more, TalentSoft was one of the few European business software publishers to be selected for Microsoft's BizSpark One international programme.At this point in time, TalentSoft is the world's only integrated talent-management solution to be optimised for the Microsoft Windows Azure Cloud. "TalentSoft has had the good fortune of forging an alliance with Microsoft from its inception. Our software suite rests upon a Microsoft foundation, and we were quickly convinced by the Windows Azure platform. We are now taking full advantage of Azure technology to provide our international HRD customers with the very best in SaaS. There are currently 80% of major companies that are looking into adopting at least one Cloud Computing solution. This partnership is helping us meet their expectations, while at the same time speeding up our growth and the implementation of our international projects," explains Jean-Stphane Arcis, CEO of TalentSoft.As the definitive Platform-as-a-Service solution (PaaS), Windows Azure ushers in the Cloud's new generation. Tangible benefits include high performance and fast international deployment.The intermediate software layer (operating system, database, web servers) is updated by Microsoft. TalentSoft optimises its applications on that platform and focuses all its energy on integrating the best HR functional practices into its software. Thus, each partner concentrates on its respective specialism, to the greater benefit of users. Indeed, the combination of applications that are optimised for the Azure Cloud with Microsoft's competence in intermediate software results in a highly flexible solution, unique in the way it manages usage peaks and performance. This is of key importance in talent management, where some periods in the year show intensive use, especially when it comes to the time for yearly assessment meetings.Importantly, international deployment is greatly facilitated. Multisite companies may now access the solution from secure IT sites anywhere in the world. With every deployment, it is possible to choose the location where the data will be stored (Europe, Asia or America), while at the same time enjoying the best performance via centres that are closer to users."We are very pleased to see such an acknowledged and fast-growing player as TalentSoft take advantage of the Windows Azure platform. Our solution, together with their partnership with Logica, has made it possible for them to be free from infrastructure constraints and to focus on their core business. In this way, TalentSoft can stand out by investing in their understanding of the HR business and in functional innovation," explains Julien Lesaicherre, Windows Azure Platform Manager for Microsoft France.The company's flexible solution can be deployed across the world in record time and provides client entities with an instant return on investment (RoI). "TalentSoft is fast becoming the world's most agile talent-management publisher in Cloud Computing, as a growing number of global companies are turning to its solution," comments Jean-Stphane Arcis, CEO of TalentSoft."We were looking for a tool providing maximum flexibility, featuring customisable presentation masks and available in the Cloud for fast implementation. TalentSoft delivered their solution within two months, fully ready for the operational teams, [which represented] an unquestionable asset," says Julien Lebdel, Operational HR Manager for Bata, a leader in the shoe industry.


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