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The TUCs Can Housing Work for Workers? report blasted by social entrepreneur

The TUC’s & lsquo;Can Housing Work for Workers?’ report is detrimental to building strong communities and enterprising employment thinking says Big Society advisor Robert Ashton.

The TUC’s & lsquo;Can Housing Work for Workers?’ report was blasted today by social entrepreneur Robert Ashton because it was an & lsquo;out outdated concept’.

The report, written by the Fabian Society for the TUC, calls for a new attitude and policy towards housing that removes the dependency on people owning their own homes.

& lsquo;Can Housing Work for Workers?’ concludes that home ownership does not always result in prosperity. Low-paid workers who accept large mortgages can find themselves unable to move to follow improved work opportunities and find themselves poorer as a result.

TUC General Secretary Brendan Barber said: “This report argues that false assumptions about the benefits of home ownership have led to policy makers failing to acknowledge that many owner-occupiers are trapped in areas with few jobs.”

“Barber makes a good point about the importance of workforce mobility, but surely that’s an out dated concept,” responded Mr Ashton, who consulted to the former Government Big Society advisor Lord Wei.

“In today’s & lsquo;Big Reality’ people need to feel part of a community, where they can collaborate with neighbours and increasingly benefit from the growing opportunities to create their own job opportunities on their doorsteps.”

“I’ve moved around the UK myself for work, and what you find is that your only connection with the place you live is your job. Keep moving as I did for a while, and you never really connect with the place you live. That’s good for commanding employee commitment but does little to engender the sense of belonging & lsquo;Big Society’ is trying to create,” said Mr Ashton.


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