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Upturn for Interim Management

Upturn for Interim Management

Interim Managers vote for Top 40 Interim Service Providers as a recovering market seeks Expertise on Demand - IIM Interim Management Survey 2011

As the market returns to growth, nearly two thirds of Interim Managers report that they are engaged specifically for their Change Management or other Specialist Skills.  A further 10 per cent are engaged for Business Turnaround.

At the same time, the IIM’s Interim Management Survey 2011 (published today) shows a marked recovery in the market with the typical daily rate increasing from around &pound600 in 2010 to &pound638 in 2011.  The number of projects has also increased with 60 per cent of respondents reporting that they were currently “on assignment”, compared with just 51 per cent in 2010.

The IIM’s uniquely independent survey of Interim Management Service Providers received over 16,000 unique votes to create its list of Top 40 Leading Providers and 60 Quality Providers.  In the course of voting, contributors identified 67 providers which they considered did not provide a true interim management service (usually being overly focused on temporary/contract work or consultancy). 

For the second year in a row, Veredus was voted Top Provider with BIE (2nd), Odgers Interim (3rd), Interim Partners (4th) and Green Park (5th) making up the rest of the Top Five.  According to interim managers, the most important quality of a leading Service Provider is the ability to build strong relationships between the interim manager, the provider and the client.  Typically, Service Providers handle 49 per cent of interim management assignments.

New this year, the survey asked interim managers to report their Myers-Briggs type (MBTI).  In a surprise finding, three MBTI types (ENTJ, INTJ and ENTP) account for 55 per cent of the interim management population.  Those types represent just 35 per cent of the broader population of managers and 11 per cent of the general population.

The survey also revealed the increasing importance of to interim managers whilst having an individual web-site, in such a relationship driven business, is less valued. 


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