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FDM Group explains why IT graduates are seeking international job opportunities

FDM Group explains why IT graduates are seeking international job opportunities

Whilst questioning a focus group of graduate IT Consultants recently, the UK’s largest IT graduate employer discovered a key reason behind the phenomenal amount of graduate applications it has received this year – its international opportunities.

The chance to travel the world after graduating, when ties have not yet been formed and the thirst for discovery is at its peak, has always been popular with University leavers.

In this current economic climate it is no surprise that many graduates are often taking on pre-university job roles to fund a post-university “gap year,” whilst the economy creeps back onto its feet.

However ambitious graduates who cannot afford to sacrifice their career goals for the sake of a backpacking adventure are seeking to combine climbing the career ladder with exploring the world.

This is where international graduate employers such as FDM Group step in.

FDM not only supports graduates seeking to break into the IT sector by bridging the gap between University and employment, but the company can also offer this sought after combination of international travel and career progression.

With training academies in London, Brighton, Manchester, Frankfurt and New York, FDM trains its graduate employees within one of these locations for 12-16 weeks.

After this initial period, trainees become fully fledged IT Consultants and have the opportunity to work in any of the academy locations as well as places such as Zurich, Luxemburg and Hong Kong, to name a few.

FDM Academy Recruitment and Events manager Madeleine Field said, “The chance to be placed within some of the world’s most famous financial hubs and prime international locations has been a key reason behind the 18,000 applications we have received so far this year.”

FDM recognises that the experience of living and working abroad can provide graduates with the chance to enhance their employability by providing them with valuable life experiences and exposing them to different working habits, cultures and people.

FDM IT Consultant Ben Buxton said, “FDM gave me an opportunity to work in America, one I would never have got without them. For my first job after university this was a big move, but FDM provided me all the support I needed to adjust and settle down in my new job and life. I am happy to say my future career prospects have been greatly improved thanks to the experience I have gained whilst on site overseas.'”

There is no doubt that employers will often favour a candidate who has sought independence and adapted to a world away from home over a graduate with the same amount of experience on their doorstep.

Madeleine Field said, “Someone who has displayed gumption by successfully taking on a job placement in a foreign country will stand out to employers as someone who has what it takes to succeed. This is precisely why the ability to be geographically flexible is a prerequisite for employment with FDM.”


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