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Man or machine? Sky-Futures thinks both

Man or machine?  Sky-Futures thinks both

To have a pilot or sensor operator for an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) system seems illogical, or does it?

Although autonomous operations are the next step, the human-machine interface is still crucial.  As the capability of UAV systems advances, the key differentiator is how that increased advantage is leveraged to help the user.  As a cutting edge technology, Sky-Futures believes the application of UAV systems are limited to the skills, know how and experience of the pilots and sensor operators.  Expert pilots can add value immediately by applying best practice and experience, thus affording greater capacity and ability to achieve more per mission. 

Without the expert live-ware, the UAV is just a cutting-edge technology.  It takes the human interface to really draw out the capability of the UAV system and to understand how it can be applied across the spectrum.  Sky-Futures recognises this and believes in it.

Sky-Futures is driving the need for expert pilots and operators, so that the emerging civilian UAV market can match the military market for operational and safety excellence.  Increased capability needs increased understanding to deliver the right results.

The founding Directors of Sky-Futures, James Harrison and Chris Blackford, have operational experience of UAVs in Iraq and Afghanistan, working alongside many of the expert operators and being at the forefront of UAV system tactics and doctrine.  It is this experience and network that enables Sky-Futures to not only understand the needs of the market, but also to be able to effectively recruit UAV pilots, sensor operators and technicians within the Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) arena.

Having worked alongside experts and assisted on the tactical planning for the deployment of the systems allows Sky-Futures to understand the value that pilots and sensor operators can bring.  This can translate into creating the most efficient schedule and standby procedures that ensure maximum use of the asset, to advising on the type of flying required to safely observe key maintenance points on large infrastructures.

Having first-hand experience of working with many of the expert pilots and sensor operators also gives the Sky-Futures team access to the right networks at the right level.  They can quickly match clients’ needs with the correct people, often qualifying the candidates immediately.  Similarly, the civilian and military ISR networks are well known by the Sky-Futures team.  The large, global ex-military network and contacts gained through civilian employment enable the employers and employees to be matched effectively.

“Sky-Futures has the knowledge, experience and network to enhance UAV operations with expert personnel.”


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