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Men earn 18 per cent more than women

Men earn 18 per cent more than women

Male workers are paid an average of 18.5 per cent more than their female counterparts, according to a major new study by job site,

The Great British Salary Survey polled more than 6,000 UK workers, examining pay, benefits, education and employee happiness.

The survey revealed that, on average, male workers working full or part time earn &pound27,241, compared to &pound22,988 for female staff.  24 per cent of men who took part in the survey reported earning over &pound30,000 a year compared to  only 12 per cent of women.

The findings mirror recent data from the Office of National Statistics, which showed a 19.8 per cent gender pay gap amongst full and part time workers.

The study also revealed the contrasts between industries when it comes to earning differences between men and women.

Of the sectors analysed in detail, the biggest pay gap was in Finance, where male workers earn 14 per cent more than female staff. At the other end of the scale, Marketing professionals are subject to a much narrower gap, with men earning only 2 per cent more than women.

Martin Warnes, Managing Director of comments “In spite of great efforts to tackle gender inequality in the workplace, this major piece of research confirms that female workers are still losing out when it comes to pay.

“Whilst the signs are promising in some industry sectors, employers still risk missing out on the full potential of female staff by not rewarding them equally.”

In spite of concerns over salaries, however, the Great British Salary Survey reveals the UK’s workforce to be a largely happy one with 50 per cent of respondents claiming either to like or love their job.

Warnes explains how the Great British Salary Survey has been designed to help jobseekers:

“Judging what you're worth as an employee is tough and, for many, broaching the subject with the boss can be a difficult conversation.

“The Great British Salary Survey has asked the difficult questions and compiled the answers to reveal how much Britain’s workers get paid, how hard they work and how happy they are.

“Armed with this information, we’re making it easier for employees to plan their next career move, from negotiating a pay rise or preparing for a performance review to winning a promotion or landing a new job.”

The full results of the Great British Salary Survey can be accessed at


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