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Proffice Interim Finacials

Proffice Interim Finacials

Continued growth and profitability

April-June 2011 year-on-year

Proffice’srevenue continued upward during the second quarter, increasing by 15 per cent

Proffice’s operating profit increased to SEK 50 million (25), representing an operating margin of 4.2 per cent (2.3)

In Sweden, Proffice’s operating profit increased to SEK 71 million (45) and reached an operating margin of 7.8 per cent (6.0)

Proffice launched a new organisation for increased speed and higher degree of specialisation

Proffice launched a new brand platform and a new visual identity with the goal of establishing clearer communication and better recognition

January-June 2011 year-on-year

Proffice’srevenue grew 18 per cent and operating profit grew 83 per cent

In Sweden, which accounts for more than three-quarters of consolidated sales, Proffice’srevenue increased 24 per cent and operating profit increased 53 per cent

Proffice is now ready for more growth and earnings with a specialised, client-driven organisation in Scandinavia

Events after the January-June period

Proffice acquired Komet Holding AB after the period’s close, strengthening its offering in staffing with students and young professionals

Financial overview

Revenue, second quarter, 1182 SEK million

Revenue, first half year, 2278 SEK million

Profit after tax, second quarter, 38 SEK million

Profit after tax, first half year, 70 SEK million

Lars Kry, president and CEO, comments:

The company’s need to inject new skills and greater flexibility is always increasing.The market for staffing services in the Nordics continued to grow during the second quarter and Proffice Group sales totalled SEK 1,182 million (1,024) , a 15 per cent increase over the same quarter last year.Operating profit increased to SEK 50 million (25), representing an operating margin of 4.2 per cent (2.3).

Demand increased in the quarter in all countries, excluding Denmark.The operation in Sweden increased most, with sales totalling SEK 914 million (755), up 21 per cent from the same quarter last year.Operating profit totalled SEK 71 million (45), representing an operating margin of 7.8 percent (6.0) – a58 percent increase.This performance is particularly strong given that many public holidays in Sweden this year fell in the second quarter, reducing the number of billable days.The success in Sweden is due to a prominent market presence and a strong offer in each specialist unit.

In Norway, sales totalled SEK 236 million (239), a 1 per cent decrease (or a 6 per cent increase in local currency), and operating profit was SEK 6 million (4) compared with the corresponding quarter last year.Our efforts to increase earnings are going as planned.During the quarter we implemented a new organisation and new management, which is generally the same as the Group.The increased focus on sales and earnings has not had a major impact as yet.

In Finland, sales increased to SEK 24 million (21), which is 14 per cent more than the same quarter last year.This is a result of increased investments in sales representatives and recruiters, which initially increased costs and contributed to an operating loss of SEK -2 million (0).

Further cost reductions in Denmark have been effective.The earnings improvement continued during the second quarter, but we did not reach a positive operating result.In Denmark, total sales decreased to SEK 8 million (9) and operating loss totalled SEK -2 million (-5).

During the quarter, Dfind IT established a systems development consultancy called DfindRedpatch AB.This venture strengthens our offering and increases our profitability.

After the end of the quarter, Proffice acquired student staffing company Komet Holding AB in Sweden.The acquisition is in line with our strategy of increased specialisation and our plan for increased earnings and growth.Komet strengthens our position in the fast-growing student staffing segment and complements our offering to small and medium-sized companies.The acquisition is expected to have a positive effect on earnings per share for the current fiscal year.

During the spring we worked intensively to set the stage for enhanced profitability and growth while setting a record for number of consultants on assignments.We see this as a good sign for the autumn.


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