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Where Do Senior Managers Earn More in Russia?

Where Do Senior Managers Earn More in Russia?

Senior Managers’ Salary Survey and Demand Overview

Top-managers are offered the most attractive salaries in FMCG, Oil & Gas and Banking sectors. Such results were obtained during the survey held amongst 1,000 middle and senior level managers. It’s no coincidence that these sectors are also leaders in terms of hiring activity according to the Antal Russia and Antal International hiring-firing snapshot.

The highest demand on the labour market is for salespeople. The need for Sales Directors is noticeable in B2B and FMCG companies, as well as in the Telecoms sector. The resurgence of the banking market has resulted in an increasing demand for sales directors consequently the salaries offered in banks are among the highest on the market.

FMCG is a leader in terms of hiring Marketing Directors, with pharmaceutical and B2B companies are only slightly behind. The increasing demand for marketing directors can also be observed in the banking sector - banks can even be interested in professionals with experience in consumer goods manufacturing and production. The highest salaries though are offered in FMCG companies.

The largest number of CIO positions is opened in fast-growing retail and e-commerce companies. The demand is high in the pharmaceutical sector too, although salaries offered to the candidates haven't risen significantly now companies are attracting employees with attractive bonus schemes. Depending on the sector, bonuses can make up to 100% of a candidate's annual salary.

Pharmaceutical companies show the greatest interest for hiring candidates in senior legal positions – it is connected with the sector’s extensive growth. IT and FMCG companies can also be found at the top of the list. Besides pharmaceutical companies, the highest salaries on the market are offered to Head of Legal by investment banks.

Companies are interested in CFOs not only with strategic skills, but with operational experience too. The highest fixed salaries are offered to finance directors in retail, banking and the oil & gas sectors. The size of the CFO’s annual bonus can also be up to 100% of annual salary.

The methodology of the survey:

The number of respondents from the companies operating in Russia is 1000. All the respondents are directors.

44% of the respondents represent companies with more than 500 employees, and 56% work for companies with 100-500 employees.

39% represent Russian companies, 61% represent international companies


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