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Zeel Solutions in association with KPMG

Zeel Solutions in association with KPMG

AWR  and Travel & Subsistence free breakfast meeting series

Driving on the successful from previous years, we are happy to announce Zeel Solutions in association with KPMG will be hosting a series of free breakfast meetings regarding AWR and Travel and Subsistence.

These informative meetings will help clarify any queries or misunderstandings you may have regarding the AWR which will commence from October 2011, and how the changes in legislation could affect your recruitment business.

We will also be discussing Travel and Subsistence, and how more so than ever how applying a scheme could prove valuable to your business, in regards to savings, compliance and the AWR.

The round table meetings are open for discussions, and we welcome you to take a leading role, and open up the conversation with key areas which are important to you. Other topics which we intend to cover are the current HMRC standpoint, myths surrounding the AWR, NMW, Tax relief, and employment law considerations.

On hand will be key industry experts  who will provide you with in-depth knowledge on the said topics previously raised. These guest speakers include:

Colin Purdue, a senior consultant with KPMG whose focus as an employment tax specialist is to help businesses reduce their payroll costs whilst keeping them on the right side of the compliance line. Colin will be chairing ideas, and ensuring that every aspect of topics discussed are covered. He will also be adding in his own valuable and specialist input regarding the AWR, compliance, NMW and Tax relief.

Angus Menzies, heads up KPMG’s employment law team, and will provide a detailed insight into employment law considerations, and the kind of measures business can take. Angus has a particular interest with the AWR so will also be able to put his views across on what he feels businesses should be made aware of.

Rav Cheema, Managing Director and founder of Zeel Solutions, whose experience and knowledge of the recruitment industry is second to none, will be providing his refined knowledge regarding the AWR, Travel & Subsistence, and compliance. Rav’s focus is to fundamentally keep costs down whilst ensuring a swift and simple recruitment process, which abides by compliance at all times. 

David Smith, Head of Business Development at Zeel Solutions has extensive recruitment experience covering various sectors. David is a Travel and Subsistence mogul in the industry, having implemented schemes into the recruitment sector for many years, and having up-to-date knowledge of any legislation changes in regards to Travel and Subsistence. There is no-one better than himself to provide you with the right information.

This year we will be hosting the breakfast meetings across three different venues:

Manchester: 22nd September 2011, at St James Square, KPMG Manchester Office.

Birmingham: 6th October 2011, at Snow Hill Queensway, KPMG Birmingham Office.

London: 13th October 2011, at Canada Square, KPMG London Office.

Spaces are limited, so if you are interested in booking a free place or require further detailed information please get in contact at your earliest convenience.

tel: 0845 31 31 311 or email:

We look forward to welcoming you to our breakfast meeting series...


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