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Getting local Employers Fit 4 Business

Getting local Employers & lsquo;Fit 4 Business’

Stafforce nationwide roadshow for local firms to start in Norwich and London

Stafforce Recruitment has enhanced its information and guidance programme for local employers nationally with the launch of Fit 4 Business free breakfast events.

Criss-crossing the UK, they will cover reducing costs, increasing productivity and lifting operating efficiencies through three core & lsquo;fitness’ themes - legislation and compliance, lean operations and staff health and financial wellbeing.  First stops are Dunston Hall, Norwich, Thursday 13th October and Charlton Athletic Football Club, Tuesday 18th October.  Both will run from 8.00am to 10.15am.

According to Stafforce Senior Business Manager, Julie Humphries, it is an invaluable opportunity to gain competitive advantage from the savings and competences that can be achieved by addressing these issues.  She said: “For many firms today, the only way to defend margin, never mind build, is take out unnecessary cost and poor practice.  Fit 4 Business will help them do just that.

“Staying abreast of existing, upcoming and anticipated employment legislation is vital if employers are to not only avoid heavy fines but prepare the best strategies for dealing with them, minimising cost and inconvenience.”

In particular, the Roadshow will focus on Agency Workers Regulations, which come into force on 1st October and will affect anyone who takes or supplies temporary staff.  Despite this, few employers know how it will impact on them or what they must do before it is enacted.

The importance of lean business will also be highlighted by explaining various techniques to solve problems and make immediate improvements.  These include the 5S Programme for lean manufacturing waste reduction plans teamworking models the Kaizen Continuous Improvement culture and bespoke E-learning.

In addition, Fit 4 Business will cover workplace health and financial wellbeing, which can foster a happy culture of secure, motivated staff, where low turnover and absenteeism and high productivity are the norm.  Stafforce will share the success of the BeingBetter project, which was funded by the European Economic Development Fund.

A package of business improvement techniques can bring smaller companies savings of up to &pound30,000 a year, while economies of &pound1.5m are not uncommon for larger employers. 

Fit 4 Business is co-ordinated by Stafforce’s central communications team and the company reports highly positive feedback from delegates at previous consultancy events.

Young’s Seafood HR manager, Maria Fotellis, said: “We have always taken much from earlier seminars and workshops.  Of specific use is the way it informs employers how to avoid a wide range of problems that might not even have been anticipated by many of them.”

Stafforce chief executive, Ian Anderson commented: “As our clients and their markets have become more sophisticated, we have evolved too.  We’re not simply about recruitment, but about consultancy, training, anticipation and preparation in a fast-moving world.

“Pressures on employers have been ramped up by both the recession and impending legislation and we see it as our job to help them achieve full compliance with employment law, the ever more exacting audits of their clients and reasonable staff expectations.”

Anyone wanting to attend Fit 4 Business should call their local office on 0208 858 6888 for details of how to get seats.


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