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LinkedIn is most visited website by Europe's business leaders

LinkedIn is most visited website by Europe's business leaders

LinkedIn has emerged as the "most visited" website by Europe's business leaders according to the 2011 BE:Europe 2011  survey, a highly regarded survey of C-level and senior executives conducted  annually by IPSOS MORI.

LinkedIn, which was measured for the first time in the 2011 survey, reached more C-level and senior business professionals than any other international news and business website measured on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.   Survey results, made public Thursday, also show that LinkedIn has surpassed "traditional" news and business websites in Great Britain reaching 43% of the business decision makers.

Across Europe, LinkedIn tops other "traditional" international news and business websites to reach more than 15% of C-suites across Europe that's more than 40,000 senior business professionals in the largest companies across

17 European markets.

European business decision-makers (top earners, CEOs, and business leaders across 17 countries) also agree that LinkedIn is the most important website for them to visit for their jobs compared to other international business and news websites measured.  10.7% of those surveyed said LinkedIn was the most important website for them - topping the list when compared to other international new/business websites.

"As more C-suite executives and business decision-makers find themselves operating in fast-changing and unpredictable markets, the ability to find the best information quickly and leverage the ever important peer-to-peer network is a competitive edge," said Ariel Eckstein, Managing Director, LinkedIn EMEA. "The business professionals surveyed by BE:Europe are making daily  strategic management decisions across everything from recruitment to procurement  and this data shows that they are using LinkedIn to help make those  decisions."

The research also showed that social media sites are becoming a key part of senior executives' routines 13% of Europe's business elite visit social networking sites on a daily basis.

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