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Long-Term Career Planning Anchors Leadership Development in the Human Age

Long-Term Career Planning Anchors Leadership Development in the Human Age

ManpowerGroup's President of Asia-Pacific and Middle East Leads WEF Panel Discussion on Developing Tomorrow's Business Leaders

ManpowerGroup (NYSE: MAN), the world leader in innovative workforce solutions and strategic partner with the World Economic Forum (WEF), will lead a panel discussion at WEF's "summer Davos" in Dalian, China this week titled "Nurturing Top Talent," focusing on how best to identify and develop future business leaders with techniques that foster top performance and accelerated mentoring.

This discussion will be held Friday, 16 September, in Dalian's World Expo Center, Room Zermatt. Panelists include:

Andrea Illy, Chairman and CEO, illycaffe

Chaly Mah, CEO of Asia-Pacific, Deloitte

Keshav Murugesh, Group CEO, WNS (Holdings)

Michael Vounatsos, Senior Vice President, Merck & Co. People's Republic of China

Darryl Green, President Asia-Pacific and Middle East, ManpowerGroup

Green, the executive leader of ManpowerGroup's growth strategy across China, will focus the discussion on skills and behaviors required in future leaders, best mentoring practices, and aligning employers' talent development and business strategies.

"Due to an epidemic global shortage of talent, aging workers and the rising power of individual choice, succession planning is an escalating issue in all markets," Green said. "Companies will need to work harder to retain potential leaders by customizing deeply engaging development initiatives that align with future work trends and their long-term business strategies. And, developing effective leadership teams which can direct both international and indigenous workforces will inevitably require a greater investment in gender parity, diversity and cross-cultural customization."

The first and only workforce solutions company to be granted a license to operate in China, ManpowerGroup's suite of solutions includes everything from high-end recruitment, coaching and training to professional resourcing and staffing in permanent and contingent recruitment —all of which enables leaders to optimize local and international business opportunities, while bolstering their own organizations with the right talent. Through its talent management brand Right Management, ManpowerGroup exclusively offers the FranklinCovey curriculum, as one facet of its leadership development programs in China.

The Human Age — marked by the ability of companies to personably relate to workers as they provide long-term career planning for highly-skilled employees and relentlessly seek new talent across a complex borderless pool of candidates — is at the root of today's new leadership requirements. In this new era, escalating productivity and efficiency rates have forced employers to hire and "manufacture" fewer workers with more select technical and soft skills — that enable them to function effectively in a volatile global market.

"Though effective leadership development is a global challenge it's critical to have a leadership summit and brainstorm in China, where manufacturing growth in particular continues to outpace global rates," Green added. "No market is immune from the critical need to equip their leaders with resources needed to sustain their organization's leadership legacy."

ManpowerGroup works closely with China's national and municipal governments in developing and aligning the local workforce and in supporting policy changes that help the government bring more structure to its labor market. ManpowerGroup was selected for this multi-faceted role, in part because of its trusted brand, ethical business practices and acclaimed Code of Business Conduct and Ethics.

The solutions package offered in China also includes skills assessment tools and customized training for all employee levels. ManpowerGroup has more than 125,000 workers on assignment daily in China.

As the largest workforce solutions and services leader in China, ManpowerGroup's presence covers 35 major cities, and offering of solutions and services is available in more than 100 cities through a network of alliances and partners. ManpowerGroup China's management team is comprised of local experts, who integrate market opportunities, skilled talent, government authorities and privately-owned companies. The breadth of ManpowerGroup's China presence enables companies to assemble the right talent resources and expand into the right regions.

For a deeper look at ManpowerGroup's strategy and history in China, read ManpowerGroup Announces Extensive Rollout of Workforce Solutions Across China's Manufacturing Frontier,ManpowerGroup Expands West and North Central China Presence by Acquiring Xi'an Fesco and Partnering with Henan Province.


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