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ManpowerGroup Executive Vice President, Global Strategy and Talent, Mara Swan

ManpowerGroup Executive Vice President, Global Strategy and Talent, Mara Swan, Speaks on Epic Shifts in the Human Age at The Economist's "Ideas Economy: Human Potential" Event

Mara Swanwill address business leaders, policymakers and academics during a panel discussion of Epic Shifts in the Human Age, which focuses on how business and work models must be redesigned, value propositions and people practices redefined and social systems reinvented so that leaders can unleash the potential of their people. ManpowerGroup's talent management brand, Right Management, is proud to sponsor this panel. Learn why succeeding in the Human Age requires a new mindset, recruitment and development strategies:


ManpowerGroup Executive Vice President, Global Strategy and Talent, Mara Swan


Panel discussion on the Human Age.

Moderated by James Rubin, contributing writer, Economist Intelligence Unit

Other panelists include:  

Rich Floersch, Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resource Officer, McDonald's

Lynda Gratton, Professor of Management Practice, London Business School

Gerry Crispin, Founder and Principal, CareerXroads


Thursday, 15 September, 12:00pm


The Times Center, New York City


Employers who clearly understand causes and effects of the Human Age are best equipped to recruit and retain today's hard-to-find highly skilled talent. In this new era individuals are a rising power.  Key factors compounded to create this dynamic platform, including: pressure on companies to do more with less a shift in demographics defined, in part, by aging experienced workers and a shortage of qualified workers to take their place advancements in technology that enable borderless and 24/7 workplaces, particularly for individuals who possess in-demand skills and can be more selective about where they work and rising marketplace sophistication which demands relentless innovation, greater value and efficiency.

"The Economist event coincides with the magazine's latest special issue on "The Quest for Jobs," which features commentary from ManpowerGroup Chairman and CEO Jeff Joerres. In "The Great Mismatch" section, Joerres explains the need to align "Just In Time" demand for workers and the goods and services they supply. Until demand intensifies, employers worldwide have been slow to hire. Learn more about fourth quarter hiring intentions here:


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