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REC/PCG fringe session showcases value of flexible work at Lib Dem Conference

REC/PCG fringe session showcases value of flexible work at Lib Dem Conference

The REC is playing an active role in party conferences this year, including hosting joint fringe events with PCG featuring Government Ministers and MPs from the three major parties.

At Liberal Democrat conference this week, the REC and PCG published new data from leading pollsters ComRes which show that 78 per cent of the public believes encouraging a flexible labour force is important for stimulating economic growth. An even larger proportion (86 per cent) of MPs agreed. Parliamentarians and the public also overwhelming supported the idea that Government should make it easier for companies to adopt a flexible workforce approach.

Speaking at the event, Employment Relations Minister Edward Davey MP said: "Not only is flexible working 'the Liberal way', it's also the Coalition way and the Minister's way."  He added, "Flexible work keeps people in jobs."

The Minister explained he was working hard to build coalitions across Europe with other EU members committed to enshrining flexibility in their labour markets to stem the flow of employment regulations coming from Brussels. He also commended the REC's work on preparing the industry for AWR.

Tom Hadley, Director of Policy and Professional Services at the REC said:  "The value of flexible working is recognised by Government. Post-AWR there is a genuine commitment to look at a streamlining of domestic regulations to compensate and unburden our labour market wherever possible".

"Flexible working is not just a business-led agenda it is also worker-led. For individuals, the desire for flexible arrangements - whether freelance, temporary, contract work - is not just driven by circumstance, it is driven by mindset.

'Whilst we could all have done without the AWR, the conclusion from the session was that flexible working patterns will not only continue, but will increase.”


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