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Surveys which seek to identify a pay gap between genders do nothing to support the cause of women in business, one of Scotland’s leading recruitment firms said today.

Maureen Blenkharn, a founding director of McAdam King, said studies which claim to show discrepancies between the remuneration levels of male and female executives did not bear scrutiny in the job market.

A recent survey of UK executive pay levels suggested the gap between salaries of male and female employees could be as much as &pound10,000 per year.

Maureen, however, warned such comparisons did not reflect working practices in the recruitment field.

She said: “In our experience there is no difference between the employment packages for men and women when they are offered a role. Employers are only interested in finding the right candidate for their senior vacancies.

"We work with major firms in sectors such as oil and gas, manufacturing and financial services and it’s impossible to conceive of a circumstance where they would adopt a different approach to pay negotiations based on gender.

“Surveys and studies which suggest the women are being underpaid to perform senior roles give a false impression of the market conditions.

“They suggest female executives will not benefit from the same financial rewards men receive for doing similar jobs. This isn’t the case, in our experience, and allows an unhealthy perception to grow about women’s value in the job market.”

Maureen said some differences in career progression did exist between genders.

She added: “What we do find is that, on the whole, men apply for senior positions more often than women. A number of factors could be behind this but there is no evidence, in our experience, to suggest this is because the financial rewards on offer to women are diminished.”


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