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Surge in demand for SAP and Oracle specialists to help stimulate post-recession corporate Britain

Surge in demand for SAP and Oracle specialists to help stimulate post-recession corporate Britain

Demand for highly skilled SAP and Oracle IT professionals has soared over the past three months, as employers seek staff with high-end specialist skills to gain a competitive advantage and increase market share in post-recession Britain

Demand for specialist SAP and Oracle professionals throughout the UK has doubled over the last quarter, as employers seek staff with high-end technical expertise to enable organisations remain competitive and increase market share, according to one of Europe’s leading specialist IT staffing providers.

Maximus has seen demand in new SAP and Oracle (ERP) specific mandates increase by 100 per cent from Q1 2011 to Q2 2011, representing the highest growth in demand since the start of the recession. At the same time, the number of ERP professionals seeking new opportunities has seen a rise of over 104 per cent during the same period – reflecting the increasing dependency of employers on Contract workers who have seen a 209 per cent boost in demand for their services.

The upturn is two-fold. Firstly, organisations are now investing in their existing IT systems to improve efficiencies and gain competitive advantage over rivals, following a period of stagnant IT spending in recent years.

And secondly, in an increasingly complex business environment organisations are looking at innovative, low cost solutions that will provide them with greater business intelligence (BI), insight and visibility as a means to develop and enhance their customer and partner relationships. As a result, there has been a 50 per cent and 11 per cent rise in the number of organisations planning to invest in Cloud and Mobile computing over the next three to five years, for example. &sup1

Commenting on these latest findings, Satnam Barr, managing director of Maximus, said: “During the recent financial crisis, many organisations resisted any significant investment in new technologies and application upgrades in a bid to keep overheads to a minimum. ERP played a critical role in helping organisation’s better manage unpredictable trading conditions and enabled them to maximise their limited resources.

“However, since the start of 2011 trading conditions have improved and organisations are increasingly investing in ERP software solutions that will streamline their manufacturing and supply chain activities and enable them to anticipate potential fluctuations in demand. ERP has become a critical driver in helping organisations grow their top line and this has sparked the increased demand for SAP and Oracle specialists.”

Demand for ERP professionals has been driven primarily from the financial, manufacturing and HR sectors, with permanent roles experiencing a 36.8 per growth over the past two quarters following a period of sluggish activity over the preceding six months.

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&sup1Source: IBM: The Essential CIO – Midmarket CIO Study 2011


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