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TalentSoft empowers managers within the talent-management lifecycle with TS Summer '11

TalentSoft empowers managers within the talent-management lifecycle with TS Summer '11 

TalentSoft, a pioneer in Integrated Talent Management SAAS solutions, has recently launched a new version of its software suite — the TS Summer '11 Release. This version is an innovation in competency management and further develops the involvement that line managers can have in HR processes, enabling the HR function to become more strategic and less administrative, thus increasing company efficiency.

Armelle De Madre, HR Director of the Arkadin Group, a provider of customised conferencing solutions, says, "We wanted to set up a talent-management tool that would be consistent across the group, that is, in 27 countries. We chose to work with TalentSoft, a multilingual, fully integrated and comprehensive talent-management solution. It is easy to use and highly customisable, and that, together with the TalentSoft team's extensive experience of international rollouts, made all the difference to us."

Gartner, the leading technology analyst, has listed TalentSoft in its Magic Quadrant for Employee Performance Management Software 2011. This Magic Quadrant is a report reviewing the best companies in the talent-management solutions market. According to the research company, TalentSoft's "Talent Planning" module is highlighted as "very distinctive in a fast-growing market".

TalentSoft is strengthening its position in the field of job and competency management and planning solutions, which are two critical areas in ensuring that international talent-management projects are successful. The company's new software suite — TS Summer '11 — innovates in areas such as integrated talent-management processes, competency-based-appraisal processes, and the adaptation of job and competency frameworks to maximise the effectiveness of corporate talent both in the present and mapping for the future. 

There are three new features found in TS Summer '11 that particularly illustrate TalentSoft's focus on empowering managers in relation to talent management and planning: TS Pick & Choose, TS Multiposting and TS Succession Push. These features are designed to allow line managers a more active role in HR processes by making it easier for them to organise and manage the development of their teams. This will often lead to increased employee engagement, retention and productivity.

TS Pick & Choose is a tool that is used during a performance review. Traditionally talent-management solutions will allocate fixed competencies against a job role. With TS Pick & Choose, TalentSoft gives managers a more involved approach in their employees' appraisals and development. An appraisal form can be amended by managers during the talent-management process to add and remove competencies, skills and objectives from predefined lists, dependant on their appropriateness for the particular individual.

The solution can also provide templates of competencies for a specific role, but managers can add competencies specific to that employee, enabling a more 'real-life' view of the skills within the organisation. This feature ensures the appraisal process is more relevant to all concerned, increasing adoption and employee engagement.

Thanks to TS Multiposting, internal- and external-recruitment management is fully integrated.  From one screen, recruitment managers can retrieve job descriptions from the job and competency framework, and then broadcast their advertisement through multiple platforms such as Monster, Facebook or LinkedIn. Companies can, therefore, reach a wide range of candidates with a minimal amount of clicks. The fact that applications are centralised on a single screen for managers and recruiters simplifies the management of recruitment campaigns, and minimises administration.

The new TS Succession Push functionality provides HR departments with suggestions for the most appropriate employees or successors to fill a given position by making use of data collected during individual appraisals, such as results from performance reviews.

TS Succession Push is designed to help managers make decisions about their key and future talent, and to automate the creation of succession plans. It identifies potential successors for positions based on key criteria, and generates a succession list against a position. Once the list of candidates has been completed, managers can filter potential successors more specifically based on key skills or requirements. TS Succession Push helps in identifying the best profiles and, as a result, in managing human capital, in order to suit the needs of individual businesses.

TS Summer '11 supports a multi-level job and competency framework which, as a standard feature, can be adapted to any organisation, whatever its size or complexity. A segmented view of the framework is available, which is necessary for decentralised companies and for those that deploy staff internationally. This segmentation is also critical in order to aid change management in the workplace. By adapting to every company's circumstances, the job and competency framework helps in keeping multiple-site operational teams efficient.

Thanks to the new features of the TS Summer '11 suite, managers can interact with the competency and job framework within any talent-management process: just two clicks are enough for them to access it from any screen or module. 


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