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*         Taleo Enterprise(tm) combines the power of Taleo

Recruiting(tm) with the world's largest professional network on the Internet

*         Now LinkedIn members can submit information from their

profiles faster when applying for jobs that use Taleo's talent management system

*        Recruiters gain instant access to the right information at theright time by seeing LinkedIn profile data within Taleo, and getting access to Taleo's profile information in one click from LinkedIn Recruiter

TALEO WORLD - Taleo Corporation (NASDAQ: TLEO), the global leader of SaaS-based Talent Management solutions, and LinkedIn Corporation (NYSE:LNKD), the world's largest professional network on the Internet, have announced two new integrated features that make it simpler and faster for professionals to apply for jobs at companies using Taleo's talent management solutions, and for recruiters at those companies to hire the best talent.

Two new features work together to integrate Taleo Recruiting(tm) with LinkedIn functionality:

LinkedIn Profile Upload, which leverages Apply with LinkedIn technology, allows candidates to pull their LinkedIn profile content into a career website with the click of a button, rather than manually entering this data. This new tool cuts the time required to submit this information by allowing candidates to use their LinkedIn profile to populate work experience, education and contact information. After the profile information populates, candidates can modify or customise the information to align with the position they're seeking. For Taleo customers, LinkedIn Profile Upload improves the ability to hire top talent by increasing the size of candidate pools by reducing the drop-off rates on an application form.

LinkedIn Preview gives any recruiter and manager the ability to view LinkedIn's 1 million profiles directly through Taleo Recruiting. Taleo customers with a LinkedIn Recruiter account benefit from additional capabilities that make it easier for recruiters to collaborate with their colleagues, discover candidates, and track their progress during the application process. Firstly, they can quickly access the candidate's full LinkedIn profile and see which candidates have already been viewed by their colleagues using Taleo. Secondly, users who have both Taleo Recruiting and LinkedIn Recruiter can now instantly access Taleo profile information from LinkedIn Recruiter and open the full Taleo profile with one click.

Because LinkedIn profiles frequently feature more current information than applicant data stored in a candidate database, the new integration capabilities make life easier for both candidates and recruiters by ensuring candidate data is up to date. This also helps companies pinpoint and engage passive candidates who, while not actively applying for jobs, maintain LinkedIn profiles that reveal they possess critical skills for hard-to-fill jobs.

"As more and more information is stored in the cloud, accessing that information to apply for a job should be much simpler than it has been to date as candidates have had to enter the same information again and again as they submit multiple applications," said Jason Blessing, executive vice president of Products and Technology at Taleo. "At the same time, recruiters wanting to engage with LinkedIn members have had to toggle between LinkedIn and Taleo to learn more about their candidates. The latest release of Taleo Enterprise gives recruiters the right information at the right time while relieving both of these challenges."


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