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Telefnica hires Randstad for Pan-European Contractor Recruitment

Telef&oacutenica has appointed Randstad Managed Services for its managerial and professional contractor hiring across their European Region, with a focus on its key markets of the UK, Ireland, Germany, Czech Republic and Slovakia, while also supporting our European businesses which have international hiring too.

The appointment is designed to ensure Telef&oacutenica has access to the best possible contractor talent and to ensure consistency of approach across key European markets.

To derive strategic value from the management of contractor hiring, Randstad will conduct a full audit of contractor usage across the region and create a best practice model designed to ensure contractors are deployed to best effect across the business and enjoy a distinctively Telef&oacutenica experience in return.

Catherine Leaver, Telef&oacutenica Head of Resourcing, said: “Our business is all about finding and harnessing the best possible talent – and that applies as much to our contractor base as it does to our permanent workforce.

“The Randstad appointment will embed a specialist team within our business, enabling us to take a strategic bird’s eye view across our key markets as well as providing consistent support to our hiring managers on the ground. The aim is for the process to be simpler and more cost effective – at the same time as ensuring we have the best talent deployed in the best possible way.”

Sebastian O'Connell, Sales & Marketing Director, Randstad Managed Services, said: “Dynamic businesses need a dynamic approach to the contractor workforce. This is a massive opportunity for us to deliver both a strategic value for one of Europe’s most exciting companies, as well as real results on the ground.”


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