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The Future Work

The Future Work - How Businesses Can Adapt and Thrive in a New World of Work

By Alison Maitland & Peter Thomson.

Publishing October 2011 Price &pound18.99, Hardback

As Alison and Peter point out in this important book, organizations that give their workers more control over their time, provide them with more autonomy and empower them to use their skills and knowledge will be the winners in the 21st century. For many organizations and managers this requires a shift in culture and mindset. For those who are wondering where to start, I recommend this book. -- James S. Turley – Chairman and CEO, Ernst & Young

The way we work is changing in the Internet age. The new majority of the workforce, women, Generation Y, the over-50s, as well as growing numbers of men share a need for greater control and choice about where, how and when they work. Future Work is a guide to the skills you will need and the challenges you will face in the 21st century world of work. It sets out the compelling business case for a change in organizational cultures and working practices, with dozens of examples of companies making the transition, including Gap, Vodafone and Unilever. Drawing on a unique international survey and the experience of pioneering business leaders, it explains:

Why current flexible work arrangements fail to achieve the business benefits of a wholesale shift to an autonomous work culture

Why 21st century work requires leadership styles that play to female strengths

Why offices of the future will be meeting places rather than workplaces

How managers can help virtual teams to collaborate and ensure that technology is our servant, not our master

Advance Praise for Future Work:

Future Work provides timely insight on the kind of culture organizations need to meet the expectations of today's workforce. It will be useful for executives who want to learn how business must adapt to the revolution in work practices now being fuelled by incredibly rapid technological and social changes. -- Stewart D. Friedman, Practice Professor at The Wharton School and author of Total Leadership

Alison Maitland and Peter Thomson have assembled an illuminating body of evidence in this robust and readable analysis of work transformation that deserves to become a classic in its field. Using case studies drawn from progressive employers, they spell out why this change is happening and how it can be achieved.  Future Work is an essential tool for future management. -- Richard Donkin, Author of The Future of Work

ALISON MAITLAND is a writer, speaker and conference moderator specialising in leadership, gender and work. A former long-serving Financial Times journalist, she is coauthor of the prize-winning book Why Women Mean Business. She is Director of The Conference Board's Council for Diversity in Business and a Senior Visiting Fellow in the Faculty of Management at Cass Business School, London. She also regularly contributes articles to the Financial Times and other media.

PETER THOMSON is a regular speaker on the future of work and, as a director of Wisework Ltd, advises clients on creating a corporate culture which supports new working practices. He is a Visiting Executive Fellow at Henley Business School where he was Director of the Future Work Forum for 16 years and he is now Research Director for the Telework Association. He spent the majority of his professional career in HR/Personnel and was head of the HR function in Digital Equipment when the company pioneered new working practices.


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