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Twitter and Recruiting: Five Rookie Mistakes Youre Probably Making

Twitter and Recruiting: Five Rookie Mistakes Youre Probably Making

by Lance Haunon

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In between the comically misspelled rantings of celebrities and breaking news from ESPN news personalities, Twitter may seem like a weird place to post jobs. If done right though, it can be a great source of candidates, particularly if they are already engaged with Twitter. But how do you get their attention?

Jennifer McClure of Unbridled Talent argues that the first step is to avoid making some rookie mistakes on Twitter that turn off job seekers. She joined us on the TLNT Radio podcast to share some insight about how to get the most from Twitter.

Avoiding easy mistakes

McClure recently pointed to 5 mistakes recruiters make on Twitter in a recent post on her blog and we talked about some of those mistakes on the show. She pointed to several pertinent points including:
People make the decision on whether to follow on Twitter in 10 seconds or less, says McClure so you have to make sure that your profile looks like something they want to follow.
Incomplete profile information on Twitter is a killer. Recruiters are thinking Im going to create an account so I can source candidates when thats not how it works, she says. Twitter is different.
People want to follow a well rounded person, McClure says. While recruiters should stay mostly on message, adding a personality in there is critical. Whether you like horses like Jennifer does or sports like I do, talking about that stuff interspersed with your regular tweets shows youre a human being.

Most importantly, McClure gives some tips on how to get beyond the mistakes and see some true success with using Twitter as a tool to connect with and ultimately place candidates.

If youre looking to start recruiting on Twitter, just starting or want to get better results, check yourself against these mistakes and make sure you follow the advice McClure gives on how to do Twitter right if youre a recruiter.

Lance Haun is Contributing Editor for TLNT and Community Director for, a sister website to His background includes seven years as a human resources generalist, recruiter, HR manager, and HR blogger. You can follow him on Twitter at

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