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5 Things you absolutely, definitely and positively must not put on your LinkedIn profile

5 Things you absolutely, definitely and positively must not put on your LinkedIn profile

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Today has just tipped my blogging scales to trigger this mini rant (although it has been building for a couple of days!) I am a fairly heavy LinkedIn user, as I use it every day for work - heck I even train people in using it for social recruiting!
The point is, I probably look at more LinkedIn profiles that the average person (outside recruitment that is!), so I get more opportunities to see, well, some of the stranger things people put in their profiles.
LinkedIn is known a professional networking site - jobs, business, networking, recruiting, marketing etc etc etc >> Agree?

Then why do some people seem to think that it is OK to put some of the things below on their LinkedIn profiles?

1. Use a picture of themselves as a child for their profile picture << so wrong on many levels!
2. a) Use an overly personal email address e.g.; AND worse b) display it at the top of your summary for all to see! << what's wrong with your real name?
3. Choose the summary as the place to vent anger at a previous employer by calling them liars and cheats!! << remember it's a small world!!

4. Add a web link to the Playboy Channel! << I kid you not - I do hope someone got hold of their LinkedIn profile and was pranking them!!

5. Use a cartoon character to describe yourself in your headline such as Superman or Batman!<< ignorance is no excuse in LinkedIn land - act your age :)

If you are now frantically logging in to LinkedIn to see if you are the guilty ones, don't worry, I made the individuals aware with some subtle advice (well all apart from the baby picture culprit - that was just plain stupid in my book!)
That was just five I found - have you seen worse on LinkedIn?

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