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Company Tricks & Ploys: Are they STOPPING You Getting a Job?

Company Tricks & Ploys: Are they STOPPING You Getting a Job?

Good news! for anyone who is currently unemployed or looking for work.  A new website, by Nigel Williams a former jobs training advisor is unlocking the door and revealing many of the company tricks and ploys that they use during their job recruitment programmes.

With the UK employment total presently standing at over 2.5 million and indicators pointing that it could rise even further in the coming months, the search for a job is set to get even harder.  So this new website can only be welcome news for those currently searching for work!

Today’s job market is becoming a nightmare for anyone genuinely seeking employment. So what are your realistic chances of getting that elusive job? According to, very remote if you are not aware of the subtle & lsquo;trick’s and & lsquo;ploys’ being used during the recruitment process! 

Nigel, the sites creator explains “For many years companies have used a variety of methods to whittle down a list to get to the final candidate for their job. Ploys which are so well disguised you have to applaud and take your hat off to the companies in respect. The everyday job hunter being totally oblivious to their existence and therefore time after time falling into the same failure traps along the way!” he continues&hellip

“Most people fail at the very first hurdle – the Application Form. It is more than just an application it is their first contact with a company and full of secret little & lsquo;tricks’ designed to weed out candidates at a very early stage. Most job hunters are unaware they can fail even before their Application Form has been read!”

The most frequent gripe made by job hunters up and down the country being&hellip”I never get any replies back!” Nigel’s reply “Many believe it is because a company is saving on postage costs etc, they could not be further from the truth, it could be because  of one of any of five different reasons!”

Once the Application Form stage (if you’re lucky enough) has been successfully passed, then there is the Interview stage to negotiate and with it “A whole new set of tricks and ploys waiting to for you” informs Nigel “many of which most people are also totally unaware of!”

Nigel adds, “At the moment the current company job recruiting system is heavily stacked against the vast majority of people looking for work. I feel this is grossly unfair and want to redress the balance”.

His company tricks website has done just that, by blowing the whistle and lifting the lid on this until now & lsquo;secret world’, letting everyone know what really goes on behind company recruitment doors. For the first time exposing  many of their various & lsquo;tricks’ and & lsquo;ploys’ and how they work.  In Nigel’s words “levelling the playing field!” whilst providing any prospective job hunter with a wealth of previously unreleased information and a totally new insight to a very long standing problem, how to secure a job! Anyone wanting to know more can find out by simply going to the


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