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FDM Group welcomes introduction of new IT-centric GCSE

FDM Group welcomes introduction of new IT-centric GCSE

As a graduate recruiter that is dedicated to combating the IT skills shortage, FDM Group has spoken out in support of the introduction of an industry focused GCSE.

The company has been feeding fresh talent into the IT industry, through its award winning graduate programme, for over 20 years and strongly supports this latest qualification.

FDM Head of Development, Henry Duddy, said, “A major concern for the IT industry is of course the IT skills shortage. At FDM we strongly believe that graduate recruitment can offer a viable solution to this crisis, however, we also feel that this needs to be achieved by promoting computing as an academic subject from the earliest stage possible.”

ICT education within schools has been heavily criticised from all corners of the industry for a number of years.

Speaking at the eForum on 'Skills for the UK digital economy' earlier this year, a BCS representative explained that that ICT students as well as teachers were “bored rigid” with the current curriculum.

ICT lessons have been condemned for focusing on how to use programmes such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel, without providing students with an insight into how they are built.

This approach has arguably contributed to a steady decline in the number of students studying the subject at GCSE and A level in recent years.

According to Intellect, applicants to GCSE ICT courses slided by an alarming 57% between 2005 and 2010.

E-skills also recently warned of a 60% decline in computing A-level applicants since 2003.

The new IT-centric GCSE will aim to entice students to pursue the subject by teaching the core principles of computer programming and software design.

The innovative curriculum will aim to answer calls for a qualification that moves away from computer literacy and onto technical skill building.

Duddy added, “The practical aspects of this new GCSE will provide this latest generation of students with a qualification that is more applicable to the needs of employers. As a company that provides graduates with the combination of industry centred training and commercial experience often required by some of the world’s most prestigious employers, the aim of this qualification is certainly at the heart of what we do.”

Once the GCSE, which has not yet been given a name, has been piloted an industry focused A Level will also be introduced, although a timeframe has not yet been announced for either qualification.


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