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Jobshop UK Offer Companies Employer Branding Service

Jobshop UK Offer Companies Employer Branding Service

Recruitment specialists, Jobshop UK, are offering companies advice and guidance on building strategies in the process of & lsquo;employer branding.’

Having survived the worst of the recession, the emphasis now, is for businesses to position themselves to their best advantage and use strong employer branding techniques so that future candidates are the most suitable, skilled and talented for the positions they offer.

Tracey Wood, Director of Jobshop UK explains:

“It is a common misconception that there is an abundance of suitable candidates out there, just waiting to jump in and take up a position with any company that offers them a job.  We are now looking at a more realistic figure of just ONE suitable candidate per every one hundred applications, and that one candidate has done their homework and will already be holding a preference for the company they believe offers them the best opportunities in terms of salary, benefits and career goals.”

Having overseen harsh cuts in both budgets and staff over the past two years, companies climbing out of the recession will want to be attracting the cr&egraveme de la cr&egraveme of candidates to their doors in the future, and in order to do so, as well as learning how to retain the most talented staff, businesses need to use this time to look seriously at how employer branding will help them continue in their success rather than flounder and stagnate.

Tracey continues: “Jobshop UK’s unique position within the recruitment industry gives us the knowledge and experience to help companies create the strong employer brand needed to position that company to its best advantage.  Businesses need to ensure future candidates are not only eager to be part of that company’s workforce and plan a long standing career there, but that they are  attracting the most talented candidates.

For further information on how Jobshop UK can advise your company on employer branding, please call Tracey or Frances on 01202 674488


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