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ManpowerGroup Advocates for Strategic Migration in Europe to Enable Regional Growth

ManpowerGroup Advocates for Strategic Migration in Europe to Enable Regional Growth

ManpowerGroup President of Northern Europe Hans Leentjes Explains How to Align Talent With Demand At Europe 2020

ManpowerGroup (NYSE: MAN), the world leader in innovative workforce solutions, participated in a panel discussion today, entitled "International Labor Mobility," at the event "Employment and Growth: Comparing UK and Belgian Policies Inside the Europe 2020 Framework."  Hans Leentjes, ManpowerGroup's President of Northern Europe,  addressed how strategic migration, tapping existing migrant populations, will sustain Europe's talent pipeline and bolster regional growth.


Other panelists were Eamonn Davern, Head of International Relations, Jobcentre Plus, DWP and Chris Serroyen, Head of the ACV-CSC Study and Research Department. The session was moderated by James Purnell, Senior Adviser, Boston Consulting Group and former UK Minister for Work and Pensions.

"In the Human Age, talent mobility — moving people to where the work is — must be one component of a coordinated public-private response to the talent mismatch," Leentjes said. "The world is changing — and businesses and government must adapt to this new environment with a 'glocal' approach, which aligns global talent pools to local requirements. While migrating talent to open jobs is a political lightning rod during an extended recession with high unemployment rates, it's important to recognize that this is a prime option for bolstering growth."

ManpowerGroup's 2011 Talent Shortage Survey found that 36 percent of employers in Belgium and 15 percent in the UK are struggling to fill vacancies, even as they are faced with an oversupply of prospective candidates who lack the skills and experience needed to meet business needs.

The panelists also discussed reducing unemployment within migrant populations. In Belgium, the unemployment rate among immigrants is more than twice the rate among native-born Belgians. One Europe 2020 strategy is to raise the employment rate among persons aged 20-64 to at least 75 percent.  ManpowerGroup recommends that organizations supplement just-in time hiring with long-term workforce strategies. The immigrant population presents a vital talent pool, however, as with all population groups, it requires dedicated  training, education and career-long development programs.

In order to forecast future talent needs and consider how to develop the pools available to them, employers must align holistic workforce and business strategies and balance external supply with internal demand.


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