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- OWL Professional software enables recruiters to quickly and cost-effectively carry out in-depth role analysis to better match prospective candidates -

A new software application, Optimized Work Levels (OWL) Professional, is launched which enables in-house recruitment teams and recruitment companies to deliver quick and cost-effective role analysis, define role accountabilities and more efficiently find the most appropriate prospective candidate. Additionally, recruitment companies can offer this as a value-added and differential service to their clients.

OWL Professional uses scientific principles to help recruiters clearly define a particular role to be filled in terms of its specific accountabilities and dimensions. The software also enables recruiters to quickly and effectively evaluate the contribution of the role and to explore the interaction between that role and those surrounding it, to ensure that there is no conflict or unnecessary overlap.

With this clear definition in place, recruiters become better able to match the most appropriate prospective candidate to the role, saving time and effort in the recruitment process.

Tim Harding, Director of OWL Professional comments, “Recruitment can be a costly process, especially at managerial level, where finding the individual with the right combination of role-specific and inter-personal skills can be challenging – yet more so if the role itself is not properly defined.”

OWL Professional is a web-based tool that is simple yet sophisticated so recruiters can easily analyse the role to be filled, the manager’s role as well as the roles of peers or team colleagues reporting into the same manager and any subordinate roles. In doing so, they can identify where inefficiencies might lie or where overlap exists, helping to identify the skills required to fill the role and whether it might benefit from restructuring or redefinition.

Harding concludes, “Any recruitment team, whether it is in-house or external to the organization, that can add incremental value by presenting the right candidate for the right role in a cost-effective manner, will be perceived in a hugely positive light. OWL Professional presents the recruitment industry with the opportunity to step beyond the simple fulfilment of a job description, to a position where they are adding true organizational and business value.”


About OWL Professional

OWL (Optimized Work Levels) Professional is a new web-based software solution designed to help businesses optimize their organization structure. Using scientific principles, OWL Professional helps business directors carry out DIY organizational mapping to identify superfluous roles within layers of management. Companies can quickly view all or part of their current structure, clarify role accountabilities and identify opportunities to remove non-value adding roles or layers of management.

OWL Professional is designed for organizations with 100 employees to help company directors and HR managers make rational and sound decisions about structuring the organization for profitability and effectiveness in an open, auditable fashion. The software is also available to consultants and smaller consulting firms, enabling them to deliver faster and more cost-effective business change programmes to corporations of 500 employees, as well as to the recruitment industry to support organizations in their recruitment processes.

Based in Witney, Oxford, OWL Professional is part of 360 Partnership Limited, a privately owned company founded in 1999 specialising in HR and business change software and consultancy.


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