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Third of Britons Unhappy in Job, Poll Reveals

Third of Britons & lsquo;Unhappy’ in Job, Poll Reveals

New research from an online HR consultancy has revealed the attitudes Britons have towards their occupations and jobs. The study found that whilst a fifth of Britons & lsquo;love’ their position, 31% felt & lsquo;unhappy’ and just 1 in 10 landed their & lsquo;dream job’.

As part of ongoing research into the working habits and attitudes of Britons, an online HR Consultancy conducted a study of 1,271 Britons in full time employment in a bid discover if they were happy in their current role and if they managed to land their dream job.

The research, conducted by, initially asked the respondents how they felt about their current job, to which almost a third, 31%, admitted that they were & lsquo;unhappy’ in work, whilst a further 7% went a step further and cited that they & lsquo;hated’ their current job.

In contrast, more than a fifth, 22%, of those who took part in the study claimed to & lsquo;love’ their current job and a further 12% stated  that they felt & lsquo;impartial’ towards their current role. Just over a quarter, 26%, of the respondents felt & lsquo;happy’ in their current career.  

In a bid to investigate the matter further, the 31% of respondents who admitted to feeling & lsquo;unhappy’ in their current job were asked to elaborate further.  The study found that of the total respondents that felt & lsquo;unhappy’ in their job, 29% said it was because the role wasn’t & lsquo;challenging’ enough.

A further 34% of those who claimed to be & lsquo;unhappy’ in their job stated that it was because they felt & lsquo;bored’. In contrast 12% said they were & lsquo;unhappy’ because their position was & lsquo;too difficult’.

When asked & lsquo;Is your current job your dream role?’ 9% answered & lsquo;yes’. A further two fifths, 41%, of the respondents said & lsquo;no’, whilst 16% stated that they didn’t have a dream job. The remaining respondents cited that they thought their current role was & lsquo;almost’ their dream job.

More than a third, 34%, of the respondents who claimed to not have their & lsquo;dream job’ admitted that the reason for this was that they were simply & lsquo;too lazy’ to search for the position whilst 54% said they were & lsquo;too comfortable’ in their current role to search for their & lsquo;dream job’.

Georgina Read, Co-Managing Director of, said the following on the findings:

“It is concerning to see that so many of the respondents are unhappy in their job and even worse that some hate their current work as this is likely to impact on how well they perform in their role and potentially force the employer to make difficult decisions. Finding a new job can be time consuming and a little daunting, but if the result leads to a happier career and employee, then I would strongly recommend exploring the alternative options and getting advice from a professional in career development.”

She continued,

“It really is important to be happy and motivated when at work not only is life too short to be unhappy, but it is likely to reflect in your personal life as well. If you are finding that you are demotivated at work, it is worth asking your manger for a challenge. It is likely that they will be impressed with your initiative and often willing to give you additional responsibilities. You never know, it could lead to further opportunities down the line, and increase your chances of promotion or change of direction to a more satisfying job.”


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